Pingtung Summary/屏東摘要

Pingtung County is narrow and long, stretching from south to north.

It is the county of agriculture and tourism, spanning across latitude of more than 1 degree (111 kilometers).

Fang-liao Township is positioned right between Pingtung Plain and Hengchun Peninsula, thus becoming the north-south border of Pingtung County.

The north county is almost parallel to Kaohsiung City. Pingtung City, where Pingtung Administrative Center resides, is at higher latitude than Kaohsiung City.

Cultural attractions here include Donggang, Dapeng Bay and more.

Hengchun Peninsula is the highlight of the south county. Kenting is a village in Hengchun Township. Most of the Hengchun Township is situated inside the national park.

You can take the main road Provincial Highway 26 to tour around the entire Hengchun from Taiwan Strait, through Bashi Channel and all the way to the Pacific Ocean. This is one-of-a-kind scenery.

Perhaps even more interestingly, along the coast of this peninsula is the historical battlefield where nations contended for power. English4TW team brings you to this part of Taiwan.

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