Kaohsiung Summary/高雄摘要

Port of Kaohsiung is the largest commercial port in Taiwan. It had the third largest throughput capacity in the world back in 1993.

Later due to China's rise in prosperity, the large ports along the coast of China came to share the volume of incoming and outgoing freight, resulting in the decline of traffic volume in Port of Kaohsiung.

In order to reverse the dwindling trend, Taiwanese government shifted the focus of the harbor from cargo quantities to becoming a value hub. Port of Kaohsiung remains a strong 14th harbor in the world by cargo tonnage.

Kaohsiung is also the largest industrial city in Taiwan, providing tremendous labor resources. Local blue-collar workers have historically been associated with strong personalities against dictatorship. The city is the symbol of democracy in Taiwan.

Due to the outsourcing trend of manual labor for manufacturing enterprises and the shifting focus of the commercial port, there have been drastic changes in the city landscape in the last 15 years.

You can easily find people from all over the world with different accents in many main attractions within the city. Having been surrounded by the harbor and Shoushan and having a canal crossing, the city topography is very diversified.

The urban planning was well thought out. The main streets are wide, which is not a common sight to see in a metropolis of Taiwan.

Although scooters are the most common type of transportation for the locals, public transportation such as MRT, buses and the light rail are accessible; you can also utilize the public bicycle and go for a walk to get to all the main attractions.

For those who are perhaps discouraged by the idea of perspiring in scorching hot weather, you can also take a taxi cab to get you from place to place. English4TW staff aims to bring you the best of this harbor city.

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