Tainan Summary/台南摘要

Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan.

It traces its roots back to 1620 when it was established by Dutch East India Company as the capital during the Dutch colonial era.

Tainan remained the capital during the rule of Tungning Kingdom and Qing dynasty until Taipei became the capital in 1887 .

Some people liken Tainan to Kyoto, Japan and Bonn, Germany. It went from the capital of yesterday to the more rural and slower-paced city of today.

Despite technological industrialization and modernization, many historical sites are still left intact. While you are in Tainan, be sure to check out these historical sites. There are many local snacks with long history that you won't want to miss out, either.

To fully appreciate an ancient capital like Tainan, we recommend that you walk around the alleys and use your senses to mingle with that piece of history while being interwoven with modernization.

From the high speed rail station or train station, we recommend that you take a taxi and fully utilize the newly established city buses to get to places.

The traffic volume is usually quite high in the inner city, so you can expect some delays due to traffic. If you happen to drive, finding a parking spot shouldn't be too challenging during non-holiday seasons despite the narrow alleys in the city.

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