Alishan Summary/阿里山摘要

A-li-shan, where you can find gigantic Taiwan Red Cypress Trees in the misty clouds!
阿里山 - 發現雲端迷霧中台灣紅檜巨木!

A-li-shan is unquestionably the highlight of tourist attractions in Chai-yi. Contrary to what the name suggests, A-li-shan itself is not a mountain, but a collective name for the 18 mountains in the area.

A-li-shan is located at the Tropic of Cancer 23.5° north, stretching across the tropical weather and subtropical weather. Its unique terrain is covered with scenic mist that captivates thousands of tourists every day.
阿里山位在北回歸線上,橫跨熱帶和副熱氣候。 特殊的地形覆蓋美麗雲霧, 每天吸引成千觀光客。

The gorgeous view from the mountains can hardly be captured by any camera. The photos from blogs and magazines out there or even media reports don't do it justice.

With almost endless scenery in addition to its three main attractions: cherry flowers, sunrise and Taiwan Red Cypress Trees, A-li-shan is sure to offer you a spectacular experience whether you make it an 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day trip.
有幾乎數不完的美景,還有三大看點:櫻花、日出和台灣紅檜,不管你一日遊、二日遊、還是三日遊, 阿里山都可以給你震撼的經驗。

Cherry trees blossom in March. If you come at a different time of the year, there are still many ways to explore the beautiful A-li-shan.

To check out the sunrise in A-li-shan, we advise that you make the trip at least 2 days and 1 night.

A-li-shan also boasts the largest Taiwan Cypress forest and the only Taiwan Red Cypress forest in the world.

There are 33 individually numbered giant Taiwan Red Cypress trees ranging from the age of 800 to 2000 years to be discovered. It's worth mentioning the abundant phytoncide emitted by the Cypress Trees.
33棵紅檜巨木,樹齡從800到2000年, 各自都有編號,等著你來探秘。 值得一提的是檜木散發豐富的芬多精。

Research showed that phytoncide is linked to reduced stress, better concentration, lower blood sugar and increased immune function.

Not only is the misty A-li-shan cloud a gorgeous sight to behold, but when you breathed in that super fresh air and phytoncide, your body is getting powerful refreshment as well!

English4TW team aims to bring you the decryption key to the beauty of A-li-shan this time. We hope that our experience will serve as an aid for individual tourists who are in A-li-shan for the first time.

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