Changhua Summary/彰化摘要

Despite being the smallest county and relatively unknown, Changhua County is one of the most populous counties in Taiwan.

Within this small county lies the unique Mountain Bagua Great Buddha worth our mentioning.

Back in the days, Changhua County was under the territory of the Qing dynasty. When the Japanese colonization took over, several intense battles broke out between the Japanese military and local militias, resulting in heavy casualties.
回溯過去,彰化縣曾經是清帝國下的版圖;當日本殖民統治要接管時 ,日軍和民兵在此爆發幾次激烈戰鬥,造成嚴重死傷。

A Japanese general was killed in action during an artillery attack initiated by local militias from the mountain in 1895. After the Second World War, the locals constructed the Grand Buddha to pray for world peace. A park was also established to bury six hundred some local militias.
1895年一個日本大將遭到民兵從山上砲擊而陣亡。 二次大戰後,當地民眾在這裡興建八卦山大佛,祈求世界和平。同時也成立公園,安置600多名台灣民兵。

The addition of a scenic trail has been established by the county government to facilitate getting a panoramic view of the county. The night view is especially nice.
現在彰化縣政增設了景觀步道,很方便的可以看到整個彰化市全景; 這裡夜景很棒。

At measly 97 meters above sea level, the county is of strategic importance nonetheless, acting as a vantage point allowing easy access to Taichung City and the entire Changhua Plain.

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