Nantou Summary/南投摘要

There is an inland city in Formosa Island. That's Nantou, the only city not adjacent to an ocean.

Without the atmosphere of an island, Nantou nonetheless possesses an one-of-a-kind quality worth your visiting.

Puli Township, Nantou is at the heart of Taiwan island. The largest alpine lake in Taiwan Sun Moon Lake is in Nantou.

Yu-shan Mountain stretches from Nantou to Chai-yi and Kaohsiung. The main peak of the tallest mountain in Taiwan Yu-shan is situated in Nantou County.

The hiking entrance to Yu-shan was at Zao-ping Railway Station during the Japanese colonial era; due to the new highway opening, the hiking entrance has been moved to Nantou.

Both the middle and upper reaches of the longest river in Taiwan Zhuo-shui River are also situated in Nantou. The source of Wu-lin River is at the highest spot of Provincial Highway.

In central Taiwan, heading east on Central Cross-Island Highway from Wu-lin is the only way to get to Hua-lian.

Cing-jing Farm in Nantou is one of the three major high mountain farms in Taiwan.

On your way to the tourist attraction Xeetou, you'll come by Lu-gu Township. The local Dongding Oolong Tea is the best-known tea among the top ten teas in Taiwan.

In the vicinity of Sun Moon Lake is where the first successful attempt at planting the Formosa Black Tea took place.

There is the unique National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute here, preserving traditional Taiwanese craft and developing originality.

Wu-feng District used to be where the former Provincial Capital resided. The Provincial Government and Senate were the places of gathering for political leaders from around the country.

Some say Nantou is the heart of Taiwan; the County Government says Nantou is the mother of Formosa.

Ancient legend has it that this is where the Dragon's Lair resides and that whoever is buried here will empower his or her descendants to possess half of the land properties in Taiwan.

Irrespective of its validity, this is a religious heaven. There are a very large number of temples here.
無論它的真假,這裡是宗教 聖地,寺廟道場數目很多。

Chung Tai Chan Monastery is the largest and tallest Buddhist temple in the world; Taoist temple Zinan Temple has its unique tradition of lending disciples ritual money; Taiwan Holy Mountain worships heroes who made sacrifices for the country.

The Nine Two One Earthquake in 1998 severely impacted Nantou. This mountain city was resilient in its speedy recovery from ruins.

Nantou is also the only city in Taiwan without a railway passing through. The land transportation is nevertheless very convenient.

There are two highways that pass through the city; one crosses latitudinally; the other crosses longitudinally.

There is unique scenery along the way, not just on Provincial Highway 3, but also Provincial Highway 21, which is the closest highway to Yu-shan mountain range. The mountain scenery is even more alluring.

There are so many sites worth visiting and exploring, words can do no justice. Let's get going now!

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