Taoyuan Summary/桃園摘要

Tao-yuan was initially the territory of Pingpu Aborigine Ketagalan.

The Han Chinese came to cultivate the place during the Qing Dynasty planting many peach trees; therefore, it was named "Tao-yuan." The name has been used ever since.

"Tao-yuan" in Chinese means "Peach Garden."

Tao-yuan is also a city of thousand ponds. Before the flight lands in Tao-yuan International Airport, look outside the plane window to see the ground resembling a series of small mirrors. That's a man-made farm pond.
桃園也是千塘之城。班機降落桃園國際機場前,往機窗外看。 地面好像有一面又一面的小鏡子,那就是人工開鑿的陴塘。

There were over eight thousand ponds at its peak. There are still seven hundred some left.

The farm ponds and Shihmen Dam provide precious water resources for the locals. It's similar to a group of large and small crystals, reflecting off the color of the sky.

Tao-yuan is the air city with ninety percent of the air traffic in Taiwan taking off and landing in Tao-yuan International Airport.

The 3 national highways along with other roads form a H-shaped road network.

Accommodating traffic from the international airport, Taipei metropolis, technology city Hsinchu and all over Taiwan, the city has an astounding traffic volume during peak hours, making Tao-yuan the congested city.

Being the third city in Taiwan to have MRT, Tao-yuan offers international travelers a smoother transition to every corner of Taiwan by linking up with the H-shaped road network, T-R-A and HSR.
桃園是第三個台灣擁有捷運的城市,連接H型路網、台鐵和高鐵。 跨國旅客要到台灣每一個點,更加順暢。

The national highway network is akin to the line of demarcation for the national geographic area with densely populated district in the center.

The west side, with two fishery harbors, Guanyin Coastal Recreation Area, coastal terrain and the river-mouth lagoons, is a great place to spend leisure time.

Head southeast alongside the tableland on the east side, and the elevation gradually increases.
東側沿著台地, 往東南方向,海拔緩緩升高。

If you are thinking that Tao-yuan is a crowded metropolis, check out Daxi near Shihmen Dam; you may change your mind.

Daxi used to be one of the few inland shipping terminals in Taiwan; river transportation is no longer operational.

Coming from the Tamsui river mouth area in Taipei City, you can bike along Taipei Riverside Bikeways and pass by Hsinchu city to arrive all the way in Daxi.

From Daxi, you can also take Northern Cross-Island Highway, which is Provincial Highway 7, to head east. You'll arrive at many surprising scenic spots.

Provincial Highway 7 is one of the three cross-island highways in Taiwan. Head all the way toward striking mountain scenery, and the Hometown of Forest referenced by the Atayal tribe. Cross the Dashueshan Range and 1000-year-old cypress forest to connect to Yi-lan.

Tao-yuan is also the most classic city with cultural diversity.

It has the highest Hakka population and the largest number of military dependents' villages in the nation. Excluding Taipei and Kaohsiung, it has the highest number of foreign spouses.

Tao-yuan has the highest population growth rate despite the low-birth-rate trend.

Come to Tao-yuan to experience the colorful and diversified place in Taiwan that leaves you with a profound impression!

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