Taipei City Summary/台北城市摘要

Taipei City, the city with a perfect dance between the tradition and modernity.

As the capital of Taiwan, Taipei has been of utmost importance both politically and commercially since the late 19th century.

Although you would intuitively compare Taipei City to New York City and London, Taipei possesses a unique pace unlike any of its counterparts. Taipei is a basin surrounded by mountains. It takes little time to go up to refreshing forests from the populous metropolis.

Being a metropolis dweller, you may long to get away from the crowded concrete jungle and polluted air to embrace the beauty of nature. Luckily, hiking trails are readily accessible through MRT and public transportation.

If you are getting bored with city life, why not take a day to hike one of the trails. Enjoy some magnificent scenery and soothing greenery and even find some delicious food near the trail entrance!
當你對都市生活感到厭煩時, 何不拿一天挑一條登山步道走走。享受一下壯觀的景色與舒適的綠野,甚至在步道入口附近找到些可口的美食!

Having Tamsui River cross in the center, the city is constructed to facilitate cycling infrastructure.

You can bike along the river and river branches on the bike path to get to many places, including Tao-yuan down south, Mu-zha on the east side, New Taipei City on the west side and North Coast Area up north.

Walking on the bike path along Tamsui River is akin to immersing yourself in a vicarious experience of boat passengers admiring the scenic view in the heyday of ocean freight. There is the highest dormant volcano in Taiwan inside Yangmingshan National Park up north.

The unique city-to-volcano terrain is unlike what you will find in any other cosmopolitan cities.

There are many scenic spots inside the park for indulgence as well as places to enjoy food and hot springs. With a total area of almost 215 kilometer square, Taipei City is a metropolis full of classical twists waiting for you to discover!

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