Hsinchu City God Temple, where food comes first for the people/新竹城隍廟:民以食為天

There is a saying in the Chinese-speaking community, "Food comes first for the people";

there is also a saying in Taiwan that goes like, "You must also look after your stomach while attending to the Buddha."

Coming to Hsinchu City God Temple, you'll definitely realize the meaning of these two sayings.
來新竹城隍廟,一定可以體會到這兩句話的意思。 cacf1313d28c3018132e3da41d0aaa42

You will certainly not be able to see a spectacle such as the one in Hsinchu City God Temple if you walk into any other City God Temples.
走進其他城隍廟,絕對看不到新竹城隍廟這樣的景象。 1daa03b04862e02d86d60d0a25482fad

Although the number of food stands is less than the one on Keelung temple street, the density is actually higher.

City God originated from a traditional Chinese belief pertaining to the guardian angel of the city. Every dynasty in the past had its own highest ranked City God.
城隍源發於中國傳統信仰,指的是城市的守護神,過去每個朝代有各自最高位階的城隍。 612211f7ce09856fe905fa17f45a0ef3

With the exception of the Japanese colonial era, there were always 3 highest ranked City God Temples in Taiwan during every dynasty.

Tainan City God Temple was the highest ranked City God Temple during the Kingdom of Tungning; Taiwan Provincial City God Temple in Taipei was the highest ranked City God Temple after the Second World War.

Hsinchu City God Temple was the highest ranked City God Temple during the Qing Dynasty. It was the only City God Temple preserving the inscription by the last Emperor of the Dynasty as well.

Coming here, people from out of town get very confused as to where the City God Temple main entrance is.

The decorated archway, main entrance, side entrances and corridors of the City God Temple are surrounded by stands selling local snacks and specialties, one after another.

You'll need to walk through a narrow corridor in order to get to the main hall.
穿越狹小的走道,才能到大殿。 303a06859e36ecb5563a02c9e4adf7b3



There are many types of local snacks here. All are Hsinchu delicacies waiting for you to try.

Hsinchu delicacies are meatballs and rice vermicelli, which can be seen everywhere. Large name-brand store branches are accessible when exiting the highway and getting off the interchange.

You can find delicacy shops and stands that sell Hsinchu Meatball in scenic areas, such as the 17 Kilometers of Splendid Coastline and Hsinchu Fishing and Fishery Products Outlet Center.

Come to the City God Temple, and there is a must-try stand "A-cheng-hao" that's one century old.
來到了城隍廟,這裡有一家百年老攤[阿城號],一定要吃看看。 eec2f163734f97a4f1d15a1f6a7c61ca

Coming to this stand, you get to eat the delectable Squid Chowder in addition to meatballs and rice vermicelli.
來這一攤,可以吃到貢丸和米粉,還有美味的魷魚羹。 803aefbd0b644072d4d730c827a1259b

If you like to buy raw rice vermicelli and meatballs to cook at home, they are also commercially available in the shops at the City God Temple.
想買生米粉或貢丸回家煮,城隍廟的小店也可以買得到。 3a1308b9a7329394ee1e9dbbfdcc639d

Across the street from the temple are shops that sell Steamed Stuffed Bun, and Hsinchu Cake, which is another Hsinchu delicacy.
廟門對面店家有賣包子,和新竹另一種名產竹塹餅。 b6d013897dcf9e0ac03fa0d9a7b89ab1

This place is absolutely the showcase for Hsinchu delicacies.

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