Hsinchu Fishing Port, a fishing port with some tasty sea food/新竹漁港-漁港與美味海產

Located in Nanliao, "Hsinchu Fishing Port" was formerly known as "Nanliao Fishing Port."

Opened during the Qing Dynasty in 1731 and situated the closest to China , Hsinchu Fishing Port was one of the four major commercial ports in Taiwan .

The Chinese Civil War ended in 1949. The trade plummeted as a result of the bilateral sea transportation blockage, causing the status of Hsinchu Fishing Port to take a dive.
1949年國共內戰結束,兩岸航運封鎖,造成貿易沒落 ,而新竹漁港地位一落千丈。

Additionally, due to the port being situated at the Touqian River mouth, the river sand deposited, resulting in almost loss of the sea transportation function for the old fishing port.

A new port was later opened west of the old fishing port, becoming a crucial sea-going fishing port in Taiwan today.
後來在舊漁港西側,開闢新港,現在是台灣很重要的遠洋漁港。 67c27cdb0f34b5906fc1663a5edba3e4




In addition to being where the 17 Kilometers of Splendid Coastline Cycling Path starts, the old fishing port was transformed into a sightseeing fishing port.

There are many cafes and catering trucks selling cold beverages. It's quite a treat to drink a cup of coffee while sitting down and enjoying the sea breeze.

Nanliao Tourist Information Center


With the Mediterranean colors of blue and white, the landscape architecture here is very distinctive. Nanliao Tourist Information Center best exemplifies this.
這裡的景觀建築也很特別, 有藍白兩色的地中海色彩。 最好的範例就是南寮遊客中心。 dd8a61da0f86b903bfd585f54c389bae

Others such as the Pavilion of Wave, Rainbow Bridge and Clock of Happiness also brim with sea allure, consistently making them a fine hot spot for wedding photography.
其他如波浪涼亭,彩虹橋和幸福之鐘也是充滿濃濃的海洋風情,一直是拍攝婚紗的絕佳景點。 fc164af15aec6060f13e44494dac3e2d



You can very easily rent a bicycle in the vicinity of Nanliao Tourist Information Center.

The north of 17 Kilometers of Splendid Coastline connects with Touqian River Cycling Path, allowing you to arrive all the way in Zhu-dong by heading east.

Head south, and there is the 17 Kilometers of Splendid Coastline Cycling Path.

You can find a direction map at the Nanliao Tourist Information Center near the old fishing port.
你可以在舊漁港附近,南寮遊客服務中心找到一個指標圖。 aab71fbdd0993dae677f9cd97c91a093

There are white lines and indication signs painted on the ground, letting you know that this is a bicycle lane.
地面上也畫有白線和指示標誌,告訴你這是自行車專用道。 93f9aa058602f101339d8babff9ea229

Hsinchu Fishermen's Association


There is a bigger entrance next to Hsinchu Fishermen's Association.
在新竹區漁會旁邊,有一個更大的入口。 0706c728695a115d1d9b93ddf9491d01


The cycling path will take you through many great scenic spots. For instance, Mangrove Park and Seascape Park allow you to admire sunset while checking out the sea scenery. They are waiting for you to explore.

Want to eat some local food and seafood in Hsinchu? There are many shops to choose from by the old fishing port.

Hsinchu Fishing and Fishery Products Outlet Center


You can eat seafood at the Hsinchu Fishing and Fishery Products Outlet Center by the new fishing port, located between Nanliao Tourist Information Center and Hsinchu Fishermen's Association.
你也可以到新漁港旁邊,新竹漁港漁產直銷中心吃海產。位置就在南寮遊客服務中心和新竹區漁會中間。 67a90d28460c324fa3c4ce9d3a27c5e6

From the outlet center, you can look across the new fishing port. There are docked fishing boats and yacht berths at the port.
從直銷中心,你可以眺望新漁港,港口有漁船停靠,也有遊艇的船席。 e603adfd895d328e2f5c4ddc61132d59



Enter the outlet center, and the first floor sells myriad types of newly caught fresh seafood.

We even saw i-cat refrigerated trucks picking up goods from here and getting ready to deliver them to restaurants everywhere in Taiwan.

The second floor is the gourmet seafood area. Walking upstairs, you can see a picture displaying the signature dish of each restaurant.
二樓是海鮮美食區。一走上樓梯,你可以看到牆上有一張圖片,上面列出每一家餐廳的招牌菜。 a093ee58fd6fb6ca31c063bf65ff26b4



You can buy the seafood of your choice on the first floor and have the restaurant cook for you on the second floor. You would only need to pay the costs for cooking.

Our choice of the restaurant is the must-try restaurant chosen by TSMC employees according to the picture on the wall.

We ordered Seafood Rice Vermicelli, Kung Pao Squid, Stir-fried Seaweed, and Wild Grouper prepared in two ways.
我們點了海鮮炒米粉、宮保花枝、炒海菜和野生石班一魚兩吃。 129a46aefba2d5dc3a5743cc768cf144




The Hsinchu delicacies are Hsinchu Meatball and Rice Vermicelli, which are readily available here. Grass Jelly Tea, which the restaurant also carries, is thirst quenching in addition to being rare, tasty and summer heat relieving.
新竹的特產是新竹貢丸和米粉,這裡都吃得到,餐廳還有一種飲料是很少見、好喝、消暑又解渴的仙草茶。 de2f31225e2ea3ea024ea2fc25ee2072

There is a specialty booth on the second floor that sells Hsinchu Meatball. The Seafood Rice Vermicelli that we ordered was made using local Rice Vermicelli.
二樓有一家專賣新竹貢丸的小攤,而我們點的海鮮米粉,是用地方米粉做的。 e5e09a8b1a8f4fe4fc4a2aa3fad22676

Rice Vermicelli from Hsinchu is thin and al dente, making it delicious when stir-fried with seafood.

This type of Rice Vermicelli is dried by utilizing the natural power of sea breezes. It's a very special experience coming here to enjoy the sea breeze and eat the Rice Vermicelli that gets assistance from the sea breeze in the making process.

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