Xiao Wulai Scenic Area, the best of Taoyuan/小烏來風景區-桃園最棒之點

Xiao Wu-lai Scenic Area is the most alluring scenic spot along Northern Cross-Island Highway.

The scenery is among various types of terrain, from tablelands to hills, high mountains to valleys and creeks to rivers.
風景在從台地到丘陵、高山到深谷、小溪到大河等多樣地形之間。 8886cb16597a3405caaabe72f8da85fe


There is not only the most romantic attraction "skywalk," but also the gradual change of mountainous terrain in Taiwan that your can further experience.

There is a stretch of beautiful scenery alongside the hills and valleys. In the deep mountains is the practice range for experiencing hiking in high mountains of Taiwan.

From Daxi, head east on Provincial Highway 7, which is at the Northern Cross-Island Highway 21st kilometer stone, make a left onto Tao 115 Township Road and you'll see the entrance to Xiao Wu-lai Scenic Resort.
從大溪方向往東走台7線,也就是北部橫貫公路21公里,左轉桃115鄉道,你會看到小烏來風景特定區入口。 d0f06a52218aec3cb9fb0154f725d2f3

They used to require an entrance fee, but a fee is only required to get on the skywalk now.

You'll arrive at a scenic overlook not long after entering the scenic area.
進了風景區不久,會看到一座觀景台。 501faf3f5c7a6ffbc12592e15625ce6f

Looking northeast from the scenic overlook, you can see the magnificent valley scenery further down where Yunei Creek flows into Da-han Creek.
從觀景台往東北方看,可以看到宇內溪匯入大漢溪更遠處,壯麗的峽谷景觀。 27544d123e329efebda584d5674fa564

There is a red steel bridge Luo-fu Bridge in the distance and another bridge Fu-xing Bridge inconspicuously situated behind it. Two bridges, one large and one small, stretch across the splendid Da-han Creek.
遠方一座紅色鋼構大橋「羅浮橋」,後面隱約有另一座橋「復興橋」,雙橋一大一小橫跨在壯闊的大漢溪河谷。 0348845aa9c8a662b2767b16697fe64d


Look southwest, below the white clouds is Bei-cha-tian Mountain, which is the source of Yunei Creek. Below the shade tree is a fault where the outpouring waterfall flows downward.
往西南方看,白雲下方是宇內溪的源頭北插天山;在樹蔭的下方,有一個斷層,瀑布從上方傾洩而下。 85bb7ff64e5351c60fbceb12a78f9d9c


Looking from the scenic overlook, you can only see a small portion of the skywalk, the rest is hidden by the shade tree to the left side of the waterfall.
從觀景台看過去,只能看到一小部分的天空步道,其它部分則隱藏在瀑布左邊的樹蔭。 b575f3501749bd6501396dccc1432f15

"Yunei Creek" was initially named "Ulai," originated from an aboriginal language. "Ulai" and "Wu-Lai," New Taipei City have the same meaning. It was therefore renamed as "Yunei."
「宇內溪」原本名子是來自於原住民語的「Ulai」。 [Ulai]和新北市的「烏來」是一樣的意思,因而漢譯改成了「宇內」。

Yunei Creek receives rainwater from Cha-Tian-Shan Cordillera, the water quality is exceptionally clean. The water flows through the valley forming a three-level waterfall.
宇內溪接收來自插天山系的雨水,水質非常乾淨,流經峽谷地形,形成三層瀑布。 4824e5423050ad9d6cc9425a80e99f2d


Between the top and middle level are many places for splashing around. The water is free of contamination and refreshingly clear.
上層和中層之間有很多地方可以戲水,水質完全沒有污染,看起來又清爽又清澈。 a626650414b497a0ff2b8a26b7013ca4

The bottom level is a great place for river tracing; due to traveling safety, be sure to have a professional guide.
下層則是溯溪的好地方,為了旅遊安全,一定要有專業人士帶領。 49513da241df2d948067bebc4a7ff43d



The mid level, which is also the location of the skywalk, is the most splendid.
中層最壯觀,也就是天空步道所在的位置。 c422795a5ad5ff4da0bc5a17608d5bfe

The government spent 8 million NTD constructing the skywalk right above the mid-level waterfall, imitating the Grand Canyon of America.
政府花800萬在中層瀑布正上方,仿照美國大峽谷,興建天空步道。 4f4e04e3b1772a3add55c3f8ff1fe3a2


The skywalk is a corridor 2 meters in width, 16 meters in length and 70 meters away from the bottom of the waterfall.
天空步道是個寬2公尺,長16公尺的廊道,距離瀑布底70公尺。 35e453dcb8074a7d67588dd21d083bb5


The floor is made entirely of tempered glass; there are no safety concerns as long as the number of people is within the specified limit.
地板全部是透明的強化玻璃,只要在限制的人數內,不會有安全問題。 8a281e918a69d687ac563c97d471c4e7


Nevertheless, most people feel enfeebled when looking down at the swift current of the waterfall from the skywalk.
然而站在上面從步道上看下方的瀑布激流,大多數人都會有腳軟的感覺。 87354f1ba11cb7d6e34ff4a7fd7020cc


We saw a family bringing the kid to develop his courage.
我們看到有一家人,帶著小朋友來練膽。 4e3840e9bb18125f249145406d5c328b

We also saw a tour group constantly screaming at the beautiful sight under their feet.
也看到旅遊團,對著腳下的美景頻頻驚呼。 feac06f7bcd78162e7028b3f4f61f631




The skywalk is full of people during holidays. It's best to make a call for reservation prior to the uphill trip.

From the entrance to the skywalk, there is a wooden path allowing you to have a very comfy walk.
從入口到天空步道,有木棧道,走起來很舒適。 68229934e5047b18b8c18f09ec591e7d

There are 3 routes inside the wooden path. One leads to the water play area, one leads to the skywalk and the other takes you to the bottom of the waterfall.
木棧道有3條路線。一條通往戲水區,一條往天空步道,一條帶您到瀑布底下。 5c39c5e96627bd76cd6e186bf5af04dc

The three paths frequently take you wandering around the canopy layer, giving you a very distinctive feeling.

Barbecuing is prohibited in the water play area, but you can immerse yourself in the clear water that flows down here from the bottom of the hill. It's quite a treat.

The path leading to the bottom of the waterfall gradually takes you there and allows you to admire the marvelous natural phenomenon up close.

Continue going toward the mountains, and there is a hiking entrance, which is in the deep mountains below the white clouds in the picture.
再往山裡走,也就是照片中白雲下方的深山,有一個登山口。 08c57c9483ed9961d119b2fc7011ecc3

This is the most convenient hiking entrance taking you to the He-wei Shen-mu Population and Bei-cha-tian Mountain.
這個登山口是前往赫威神木群以及北插天山,最便捷的登山口。 b3bfafb46d5aa99f8d48652ffde485bf ==The red sign says "the first hiking entrance to Xiao Wu-Lai"/紅色標示寫著[往小烏來第一登山口]==


711e2e6bdb9317a677ae2ca53ec7300f ==It says "toward He-wei Shen-mu and Bei-cha-tian Mountain"/標示寫著[往赫威神木與北插天山]==

This is also the hiking club practice range for One Hundred Peaks of Taiwan.

Bei-cha-tian Mountain is at an elevation of 1727 meters, allowing you to see a large field of Taiwan Beech, which is a species indigenous to Taiwan that has survived till today since the Ice Age.

You can see the He-wei Shen-mu Population along the way. They are Taiwan Red Cypress trees grown at about 1000 meters above sea level.
途中可以看到赫威神木群,是生長在海拔1000公尺左右的紅檜。 0820c752dd6e533adfbcc7978fc7a4b0


This is a unique experience allowing you to see in the mountain area closest to a Taiwan city, the one-of-a-kind Taiwan Red Cypress trees and the Beech that's the legacy of the Ice Age ;

however, due to concerns of illegal logging, the area surrounding Bei-cha-tian Mountain has been listed as a Control Zone, requiring an application for wilderness permit in order to enter.

The application process is not too troublesome. You can apply with an ID or a passport at the Xinei Police Station near the entrance to Tao 115 Township Road.

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