Lintong, the wood carving painter using chainsaw for his paintings/林童-用電鋸作畫的木雕油畫家

Painter Lintong's studio is hidden inside a townhouse with a garden on an old rural street.
畫家林童的工作室,藏在田園鄉村老街,一整棟附有庭園的洋房透天庴。 8e6753fe66b7b1555192a338fdd531ae

He dedicates his time here to create a unique world of wood carving paintings.
他在這裡專心打造獨特的木雕油彩世界。 8b19c50ab4eea21975f8ed6e96b6f813

Initially an expert in photography, Lintong earned international certifications and various art exhibit awards.

He put away his camera and picked up a paint brush in 1996; he decided to put down his paint brush and picked up a graver in 2011.
1996年他放下相機,拿起油彩畫筆;2011年決定放下畫筆,拿起了雕刻刀。 2e1e1e89541e80239dd1b353e7655377

Upon walking into his studio, you'll notice that his canvas is multi-dimensional, using various types of wood materials to explore creativity.
一走進他的工作室就知道,他的畫布是立體的,從各種材質的實木發掘出創意。 39333cfb2bb651b872589f4d620f298a


It wasn't painted using a brush initially, but a graver to carve the lines.
一開始不是用筆畫上去,而是用刀刻出線條。 303ac9aa0cf3789190d49c8e3f970941

Lintong said that his initial thought was just to make the painting more multi-dimensional by using an embossing board prior to coloring.
林童說:「一開始只是想讓畫面更立體,所以拿了塊木板浮刻再來上色。」 89f9c8c9ce097d351d33ccab03fd93be

He found out by surprise that it would naturally create the 3D effect doing it that way and fell in love with this formula for creation. The artwork is very distinctive.
無意中發現那樣做自然就會有3D效果,他愛上了這樣的創作方式,作品很有特色。 0f298a2d9e6aff6fc139e677dd39149d

For instance, there is the woodcut of a nude woman at a corner of the studio. If you change your perspectives, the shadow of the nude woman appears to be undulating.
例如工作室的角落一張裸女木刻,如果你變換不同角度欣賞,會感覺到畫中人物光影,好像會舞動。 19e7c93ab2eac94b2167cbd726bede3c

Lintong utilizes various creative techniques in producing over one hundred art pieces that are finding their ways into many people's favorite collections; there are only sixty some art pieces left.

He started out using a tungsten graver for his artwork, but later found out to his surprise, the chainsaw gave better results. Although it's heavy, he still decided to switch to the new tool.
原本用鎢鋼雕刻刀作畫,後來發現電鋸居然效果更好,雖然很沈重,他還是決定改用新工具。 22ce1e80a5743a44b8853679831e999c

He brought us into his workshop to demonstrate the process of using a chainsaw in his artwork.

Upon entering the front entrance, the townhouse feels like a longhouse. Following the artist's footsteps, going through all kinds of wood materials and passing by a vivid courtyard, we arrived at his workshop.
從前門往裡面走,透天厝像長屋一樣,隨著畫家的腳步,穿越各種材質的原木,經過明亮的中庭,來到他工作的地方。 34350a2bcca7d13340fbbca03933f5e0



He picked up the chainsaw and turned on the power. The chainsaw looked like a gigantic paint brush!
他拿起沈重的電鋸,打開電源,好像碩大無比的畫筆! 4ff88156da72666f4dcb06a4da514d19



This formula for creation is actually quite toilsome, making it at least 3 times as time consuming as working a regular flat canvas.
其實這樣的創作方式蠻辛苦的,與一般平面畫布比較起來需要花上三倍的時間。 708d09439fdecd26ad860055cf5e78ba


It was initially a flat oak with an outline sketched using a red crayon. After drawing a few strokes with his chainsaw, he was already wet with sweat.
原本一塊平滑的橡木,上面用紅蠟筆打好草稿。用電鋸畫個幾筆,己經全身大汗。 367faed89b63457d8a1febb6bf92a14e




Lintong said that a painting is a life, and the one done by wood carving is akin to a brand-new life shaped from the old one.
林童說一幅畫是一個生命,木刻油彩畫的做畫,好像是在一個舊的生命重新塑造出另一個生命來。 1b95ab43093a0cf8caa8c3479fc2201f




For instance, he reworked and lacquered a cypress wood board that was almost rotten. It became a new piece of art after putting it into the wooden frame symbolizing its revival.
例如一塊被蛀到快爛的檜木板,他重新打磨上漆,再嵌入木框中,變成全新的藝術品,象徵了再生。 70bcdac97fce73f820dd8a3becc35711

Compared to typical works done on the paper or canvas, every one of his paintings is distinctive.
看他每一幅作品,和在紙上或是在畫布上一般創作,完全不一樣。 0de5f655c19862033410c4678ac4ced5




It's like putting a soul into an empty body, making the process of painting more challenging and more fun.

According to Lintong, each and every one of his wood boards not only possesses a different grain, but also a different skin texture despite the fact that some were cut down from portions of the same piece of wood. They are like twins, but still distinguishable from each other.


Moreover, some wood boards come from different places and even become covered in wounds going through the growing process.
何況有些木板都來自於不同的地方,更在成長的過程傷痕纍纍。 1b176d781839ceeba5a805b0ae3ff640

Every painting challenges the artist himself to overcome how to find a suitable way to attain a more perfect soul.
每一幅都在挑戰藝術家自己,如何去克服,如何找出適宜的方式,成就更美好的生命。 d7d160793ac7f5a7d41686a2b13dcc2d

This is analogous to the life that we all lead, the way everyone deals with it is not exactly the same.

For example, inside the painting by the door entrance is a small boat. From entering the door to walking inside, it's almost like seeing different landscapes from different perspectives.
就像他擺放在門口的一幅作品,裡面一艘小船,從進門到走進來,每一個角度,都會看到不同的風景。 215c9dfcba89608a82ac97548b0a8bae


The very first stage of this art creation is to sort out the wood board, remove the original scars and adjust the composition.
在這藝術創作過程中第一階段,要整理木板,去除原有的傷疤、調整構圖。 9628eb51aff08156f4e7da5de178d89e

The part where carving and baking take place is akin to bringing a soul back to life from death. At last, color painting is added to perfect the artwork.
刻與燒的部份有如一個生命的起死回生,最後上了色彩來圓滿作品。 c1c4c027ae2ac0faf6bdc747b60ffe92

Painting can heal wounds. Painter Lintong believes that people can further understand the essence of life through wood carving paintings.

For more information about Lintong, please visit his facebook fan page at:
請遊覽林童的臉書粉絲專業來取得更多資料訊息: 1306d1dd2d7992f700414882699938a2

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