The bright pearl atop the green gem/綠寶石上璀璨的明珠

If Yi-lan is a green gem, Jiaoxi is on the top of it glowing brightly like a crystal.

There is the rare Ground Hot Spring in Jiaoxi, where Xue-shan Mineral Water gets bottled.

Prior to the opening of Xue-shan Tunnel, Jiaoxi was similar to Yangmingshan and Bei-toe, which are referred to as the backyard garden of Taipei.

Although Jiaoxi is separated from Taipei by Xue-shan Mountain, going from place to place is quite easy.

Due to the intersection between the railway and highway, the first interchange is around the corner once you enter Yi-lan by exiting Xue-shan Tunnel on Provincial Highway 5.

It's perhaps hard to picture the hot springs being so close to the bustling train station. Upon exiting Jiaoxi Station, you'll see a large sign.

Making a left turn onto the first street ahead, you'll be greeted by tens of hot spring signs.
第一條路向左轉,就有幾十家的溫泉招牌,向你招手。 b58a2d87b0c09c7b90733b6f94b1e1a9

Tang-wei-gou Hot Spring Park


We recommend that you walk around Tang-wei-gou Hot Spring Park prior to checking in to a hot spring hotel.


This hot spring comes naturally from a hot spring source. You can readily see vapors bubbling out of the ditch during winter. Without any introduction, some might mistaken this for a typical farmland ditch.
這是從溫泉源頭自然湧出的溫泉,冬天可以明顯看到蒸氣從溝裡冒出來。沒有一些介紹,會以為這只是一般農田水溝。 e746649e5e6ed87f3593fb0cd451edc9

The locals initially called Tang-wei-gou "Hot Water Ditch." It has been utilizing the gift from nature since the Japanese colonial era. Public baths have been around since then, providing free hot springs for people.
當地人最早叫湯圍溝是「熱水溝」。日治時期,就開始運用這大自然的禮物。那時就有大眾浴池,供民眾免費洗溫泉。 785b0b634eb1baeebbb6b632d61d936c

This place is packed with people during normal days. There used to be male and female baths respectively. Due to the low female usage rate, it's now changed to male only.
平常日子,這裡也是擠滿了人。原本分別有男浴池和女浴池,由於女浴池使用率太低,改成男性專用。 6b8435acd9cd1ad13d90715dd581afe4



Due to growing popularity, the local government transformed this little hot-spring ditch into a beautiful park, but also thoughtfully preserved the original public baths.
由於名氣越來越響亮,地方政府將小小的溫泉水溝打造成漂亮的公園,但也貼心保留原本的浴池。 89099628246fd1c81a90e121687b158c

Inside the Japanese garden seen in the picture is the hot spring coming from the hot spring source.
從照片可以看到,像日式庭園的造景中間,就是從泉源流出來的溫泉。 ffc2ebfc3c4a9370d8149cb25521a242


There is even a semi-outdoor foot bath established nearest Yang-de Road entrance.
最靠近陽德路的入口,還蓋了半戶外的泡腳池。 6a58c8d9bc44fa68612c997dde0f8b03

Jiaoxi is much more prosperous than ever due to the opening of Xue-shan Tunnel. The area around Tang-wei-gou Hot Spring Park was a vacant lot; it's now surrounded by hot spring hotels and Yi-lan specialty shops.
因為雪隧開通。礁溪比以前繁華很多,週圍原本是空地的湯圍溝溫泉公園,現在被溫泉酒店大樓,以及宜蘭特產店包圍。 ec1d2f29816d30df9984d04452757b2f




You don't need to look too hard if you like to buy some local products in Yi-lan. You'll naturally notice those large shop signs.
想購買宜蘭特產,不用刻意找,大大的招牌,自然會吸引你的目光 c273a27bed41f79616d5e71236040186


Pao-ma Historic Trail


To get a panoramic view of Jiaoxi, you'll need to travel a little to get to Pao-ma Historic Trail.

The south entrance to Pao-ma Historic Trail is on the way toward Wu-fong-ci Waterfall. Before reaching a five-star hotel "Hotel Royal," pay attention to a small direction sign at the corner and make a right toward the hill road.

You'll need to travel over 1 kilometer to get to Pao-ma Historic Trail. This is the south entrance with a distinct sign.
要走一公里多才會到跑馬步道,這邊是步道南方入口,有個明顯標示。 5482964e7c6ad78f7139a10a26a160bb


The north entrance is located by Taipei-Yi-lan Highway. It takes three hours for a round trip. In good weather, you can get a panoramic view of the river mouth, Yi-lan Plain and Gui-shan Island.

When the visibility is insufficient in good weather, you can still see an indistinct shape of the Gui-shan Island.

The part of Pao-ma Historic Trail that was opened during the Qing Dynasty was called Danan Historic Trail at that time, meaning it can get to Yi-lan from Tamsui, making it the most convenient trail to get to Yi-lan from Taipei.

During the Japanese colonial era, this was a military route for making rounds riding horses.

Some say, this was a road used for transporting logs using a type of Trojan horses; therefore, it was named Pao-ma Historic Trail. Pao-ma in Chinese means "running horse."
也有人說,以前這裡是用一種木馬運輸木材的道路,因此取名跑馬古道。 [Paoma]的中文意思是跑馬。

Along the way, you can get a panoramic view of Jiaoxi from places that aren't obstructed by trees.
沿途比較沒有樹木遮蔽的地方,可以看到礁溪全景。 bb8a4e6f73da2ef23637b87773490871




There were initially tens of hot spring hotels in this little town Jiaoxi. Since the completion of Xue-shan Tunnel in 2006, the number of hotel establishments has been rising in order to accommodate the influx of tourists.

The number of five-star hotels, including the ones under construction, is at least 6. The surge in the number is amazing. You can witness this from the Pao-ma Historic Trail.
現在光是興建中和完工的五星級旅館,加起來至少6家,數量激增很驚人。從跑馬古道的路上,你就可以看到這個景象。 86ca9e81c5d7dfe9240223d853086ac2


The scenery here compared to the metropolis is gorgeous without the overly crowded feeling .

Aside from hot springs, the highway toward Pao-ma Historic Trail also leads to several beautiful trails. For example, Wu-fong-ci Waterfall and Lin-mei Shi-pan Trail both are great choices for enjoying forest bathing!
除了洗溫泉,往跑馬古道的公路也通往幾條優美的步道,例如五峰旗瀑布和林美石磐步道, 都是享受森林浴的好選擇!

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