Guanziling, the place with the only mud springs in Taiwan and the secret dialogue between the green and dark springs /綠地與黑色溫泉的神秘對話-台灣唯一泥漿溫泉:關仔嶺

There have been four major hot spring places since the Japanese colonial era; The Guan-ziling Hot Spring that we bring you is one of them.
從日治時代開始,台灣有四大溫泉之地,其中之一就是要為您介紹的關仔嶺溫泉。 63e97f9cc479d23265f09001efa9b7fd

The others are Bei-toe Hot Spring and Yangmingshan Hot Spring in Taipei and the one we mentioned previously in Pingtung, the Sichongxi Hot Spring.

If you have a chance to visit Togo Rural Village Art Museum in good weather, stand on the art boulevard and look from the paddy field toward where the sun rises above the horizon. There is a full line of green hills. That's Guan-ziling.

Guan-ziling is the most special hot spring area in Taiwan. The underground springs and mud gush out from the ground through Pliocene shales.

This is the only mud springs in Taiwan and one of the three mud springs in the world; Sicily, Italy and Kagoshima, Japan are the other two. Some people call Guang-ziling the Dark Springs due to the color of its hot springs.
這是全台灣唯一的泥漿溫泉,也是全世界三個泥漿溫泉之一; 義大利的西西里島和日本的鹿兒島是其中兩個。因為溫泉顏色的關係,也有人叫關仔嶺「黑色溫泉」。

The easiest way to see the source of mud springs in person is to go up County Road 172 to arrive at Police Mountain Villa. There are a Guan-ziling sign and a parking lot with a site map. Let's begin your adventure here.
想要親眼看看泥漿溫泉的源頭,最容易的方式,就是從172公路一直往上走,到了警光山莊前,也是有「關仔嶺」識別標誌,以及導覽地圖的停車場,開始你的探索。 77e47e9bf8906bbe188e512d1a046526


You can see the very distinguished color of subsoil at the river site by the Police Mountain Villa. Baihe Township is situated uphill from Chai-nan Plain. The name Baihe originated from the very different color of its rivers compared to the loessial water in the plain. Baihe in Chinese means "white river."
在警光山莊前方的溪流,你可以看到底土的顏色,和一般很不一樣。這也是為何從平原上山的白河鎮,中文地名的意思是「白色的河流」,因為河水顏色和嘉南平原常見的黃土水不同。 610c515ac727029bfd961c961e3a5aa6


Continue to go uphill and pass by Bao-quan Bridge. You can see a sign that says "Hot Spring Source" by Guang-ling Police Station.
再往上走,在關嶺派出所前,有一個標誌寫著「溫泉源口」,走過寶泉橋,就可以看到。 6cee0506aeeb3e47837d2d20b9b5ba5f


This is one of the two major sources of hot springs. Walking into the park, you can view the mud springs flowing out of the orifice and the dried-out mud from the closest distance.
這是關仔嶺兩大泉源之一,走進公園裡,你可以在最近距離,看到泥漿溫泉從口管流出來,以及曬乾後的泥漿。 cbbdb26b7ec11cb0682edef37090f397


Finding such type of hot springs to enjoy isn't the easiest thing to do. The hot springs here were discovered by the Japanese Army at the end of the 19th century. The hot spring source suddenly disappeared after the Baihe Earthquake in 1964. It was eventually rediscovered 15 meters away from the old spot.

What distinguishes this hot spring area from typical ones is the fact that every single droplet of hot springs comes out of the ground with mud naturally .

The water is alkaline with a PH value of around 3.5, giving you a silky smooth feeling after the bath. It's used as care products such as facial treatments. Some people utilize it to make facial masks for commercial purposes.

Guang-ziling has been prosperous for over 100 years. Heading toward Guan-ziling from the plain, you'll come by Water and Fire Homology, Autumn Leaves Park, Guan-ziling Park and various attractions.

We bring you to the hot springs this time. You'll see various hotel signs prior to entering the hot spring area. There are almost thirty of them to choose from.
這次我們帶你去探訪溫泉。還沒進入溫泉區,就看到各家旅館招牌。將近30家任你挑選。 1a76dc85787642ffd06ffecfbdf9c8db


From below, we got to Hongye Mountain Villa at the highest spot in Guan-ziling. You can overlook the entire surroundings of Guan-ziling from this hotel.
我們從山下,直接上到關仔嶺最高處的紅葉山莊。這個旅館可以遠眺環繞關仔嶺。 b17e4f3812cb8f5d9c368cd464df0d8a



Entering the hotel room and turning on the hot tub, you'll begin to understand what makes Guan-ziling Hot Springs so special. You'll see a layer of mud accumulated in the tub not long after the water mixed with green mud spurts out of the faucet.
進入旅館房間打開溫泉浴池,你就會明白為何關仔嶺溫泉這麼特別,水色混著青色泥漿,從水龍頭噴出來沒多久,你就可以看到浴池積了一層泥漿。 01d66e26c2880b9a440477ab5654466b



There are many different types of gourmet food for every hot spring spot in Taiwan.

There's Mutton Hot Pot for Pingtung Sichongxi; there are myriad selections for Taipei Bei-toe and Yangmingshan, and Herbal Cuisine and Herbal Chicken Stew are the most popular; there are Bucket Chicken and Urn Kiln Chicken for Tainan Guan-ziling.

Xiang-yuan Urn Kiln Chicken


We came to Xiang-yuan Urn Kiln Chicken, which was recommended by the locals. The place where they prepare the chicken is right by the road. You can check out how they cook the chicken.
我們到當地人推薦的「湘園甕缸雞」。這家餐廳料理雞的地方就在路邊,你可以看到他們製做雞的情況。 b1a71df533cf26c9275e928db399e02b

4b4c0218c74cd47387b855250c5724b3 The crew took out the chicken from the oven just for us:)



We ordered a half-chicken. It goes well with Bracken Fern Salad, Stir-fried Boar Meat, Fried Sweet Potatoes, and Bamboo Shoot Soup cooked in roasted chicken broth.
我們點了半隻雞。搭配過貓野菜沙拉、炒山豬肉、炸地瓜以及烤雞滴下來的肉汁燉的筍湯,相當好吃。 d97205c3563a2792c3070768c5aef4cc


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