Sister Lakes/姐妹潭

Once you reach A-li-shan Gou Hotel, continue going down the trail where it departs from Mian-yue Line.

You will enter an artificial Japanese cedar forest.
你會走進成片的日本柳杉人工林。 5da3f2f6b85f768a4b851ff6c7cd049f

When the fogs abound, you will find yourself walking in a misty forest; when the fogs disappear, you will be watching the sunlight beautifully shine and reflect off the forest. Each has its own charm.

Next, you will arrive at the everlasting alpine lakes Sister Lakes. Legend has it that the two lakes are incarnations of two beautiful sisters. Walk around the plank trail to explore these two beautiful lakes.
接下來到了姐妹潭,這是終年不枯的高山湖泊,相當難得。有個動人傳說,兩個潭是一對美女姐妹的化身。走一走環潭棧道探索姐妹潭之美。 9c611cc109d014d7bb910527afbe0dd4



If you are lucky enough to run into a sunny day, watch the sunlight shine through the trees and onto the lakes. The gorgeous sight makes you feel like you are in the fairyland!
如果幸運遇到天晴,看著陽光穿過樹梢照在潭水。其美景彷彿就是人間仙境! a6dbc24b3ad761fd14c293c27c205521


Shou-zhen Palace Market Street


Continuing going downhill on the trail, you'll be in Shou-zhen Palace Market Street right across from Shou-zhen Palace. This is where you can eat lunch and take a break. Try their wild boar jerky and super healthy A-li-shan sweet potatoes for a light lunch. After lunch, let's get ready to enter the spectacular Giant Tree Plant Trail!
繼續往下走,就到了受鎮宮商店街,就在受鎮宮正對面。你可以休息吃個午餐。這裡有山豬肉乾和健康的阿里山紅薯當個小午餐。用完餐,就要準備進入最精彩的巨木棧道了! bbbdd22279c118bc420f3dd9e5b5eeee




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