Zhaoping Railway Station and Zhaoping Park/沼平 - 車站和公園

There are many good reasons to walk the forest trail.

Many attractions are along the way to create memorable experiences for many trips to come. For instance, on your way to Ecological Exhibit, you will come by Mian-yue Railway Line. The railway was abandoned after the Nine Two One earthquake.
沿路會經過許多能為您制造每一趟來都不一樣回憶的景點。例如往生態館路上,會經過因九二一地震停駛的眠月線鐵路。 5f9830e1ed48b0cbf451041637ae5dfb





Zhu-shan Trail


Exiting Ecological Exhibit, you will arrive at the entrance to Zhu-shan Trail. This was the only entrance to Jade Mountain, which is the highest mountain in Taiwan at 3952 meters above sea level.
走出生態館,會遇到祝山步道口。這就是以前登玉山的唯一步道入口,玉山是台灣最高峰,海拔有3952公尺。 73648f95f02ad22d624841b5c6b9f15e



Zhao-ping Railway Station


Within walking distance of Zhu-shan Trail is the Zhao-ping Railway Station. This station used to be the final stop for the A-li-shan Railway Lines. From the railway station, you can see a tall wood-collecting post that was used to transport wood during logging in the old days.
過了祝山步道口沒幾步,就是沼平車站。這是以前阿里山鐵路的終點站。 從沼平車站可以看到高大的集材柱,這是當年用來集中轉運出去的木材。

Zhao-ping Park


There is Zhao-ping Park nearby. Walk along the Zhao-ping Poetic Trail inside the park to see the poems from famous Taiwanese poets carved on the stones. Once you enter the forest on your way to Sister Lakes, you will see Ta-shan Trail entrance.
附近還有沼平公園。走在公園裡的沼平詩道有台灣詩人名詩刻在大石上。 等到進入林場,往姐妹潭途中,又可以看到塔山步道口。

Remember the native Taiwanese Tsou's sacred mountain Ta-shan that you saw on the second floor of A-li-shan Railway Station? Get to the top of the trail and you will be able to gaze back at the A-li-shan Railway Station from afar!

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