Alishan Forest Recreation Area entrance&Alishan Railway Station/阿里山森林遊樂區入口&阿里山車站

Once you reach around the 70th kilometer stone, you are starting to enter the temperate forest zone.

A-li-shan Forest Recreation Area entrance


Misty clouds with rich phytoncides abound along the road. Let's enter the A-li-shan Forest Recreation Area ahead.
沿路看到飄來的雲霧,富含芬多精。要準備進入前面阿里山森林遊樂區入口。 fe87563282fef5fac6078bb3f72b2ada

Finding a parking spot inside the park should be easy during non-holiday seasons. Once you get off the car, you are amidst the forest. Depending on the time of the day, it may be very foggy. Get ready to use your senses to experience the beauty of misty A-li-shan mountains and wonder of soul-soothing phytoncides!
非假日要在園區內找車位並不難。一下車,你就在森林中。看你什麼時間到, 森林有時霧茫茫一片。準備用感官來體驗阿里山雲霧和神奇的靜氣寧神芬多精! f2d52046115fd21af5fc3a295438f070




A-li-shan Railway Station


There is a Seven Eleven next to the parking lot area. Right behind the Seven Eleven is the A-li-shan Railway Station.
停車場旁有家Seven Eleven。森鐵阿里山車站剛好在Seven Eleven後方。 6d85863c4dc7865ec8d3406a5d25042b

This station currently operates two lines only within the A-li-shan Forest Recreation Area. The Zhu-shan Line takes you to the vantage point for sunrise and operates once a day; the Shen-mu Line takes you to the famous A-li-shan Shen-mu and operates throughout the day.

Shen-mu in Chinese means "Taiwan Red Cypress Trees over 1000 years old." The A-li-shan Shen-mu was the largest Taiwan Red Cypress Tree in A-li-shan.

After being struck by lightning, a good part of the tree had decayed and fallen several years ago. They decided to lay the whole tree down. A good part of the fallen tree is laid next to the Forest Rail Road Shen-mu Station to commemorate one of the largest Taiwan Red Cypress Trees in the world ever lived.
但被閃電擊中後, 幾年前部分樹體腐朽倒下。 決定全部放倒。倒木很大一 部分躺在神木站旁邊來紀念這全世界存活過最大的一棵紅檜.

You can grab a quick bite at the station entrance. The store here provides boiled eggs, waffles, hot tea, coffee, cocoa, etc.
你可以在森鐵阿里山車站用餐。森鐵本舖提供茶葉蛋、鬆餅、熱茶、咖啡和可可等。 2efa8e2ead5c9b1a56e3b50e115e813b









It's especially convenient when you are here early in the morning to go watch sunrise. Due to lower temperature during that time, these hot food items will warm you up a little and perhaps satisfy some morning hunger.
當您一大早要去看日出時是特別便利的。因那時氣溫低,熱食可以讓你暖和一點,讓早起饑腸滿足. 40f18dff02f2e9ed16206073a7b060a9


The native Taiwanese Tsou's sacred mountain Ta-shan comes to view when you walk up to the lookout on the second floor. Sandwiched between green forests, Ta-shan is quite splendid with steep rock walls above. On the front-right side, you can also see the Seven Eleven we previously mentioned in the parking lot area.
當走上阿里山車站二樓平台,到前方的觀景平台,原住民鄒族的聖山塔山會進到視野之中。上面有陡峭的岩壁,夾在綠色林相中的塔山相當雄偉。右前方是剛介紹的停車場Seven Eleven。 bb15ec3dd486a7c91a895adb37723daa


The parking lot for tourist buses is on the front-left side. To the left side of the lookout, you can see some Taiwan Red Cypress Trees that are hundreds of years old up close.
左前方是大客車停車場。就在觀景平台左方你就可以近距離看到台灣紅檜 ,樹齡好幾百年。 5a37ce086aa147922cdb7e90a1ace514

This is an opportunity to observe the leaves of these rare Taiwan Red Cypress Trees. The Taiwan Red Cypress Trees that you will see later are very tall, and the leaves are way up there. Believe us, you are going to see some gigantic Taiwan Red Cypress Trees in Giant Tree Plank Trail!

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