On the way to Alishan on Alishan Road/在阿里山公路到阿里山的路途中

From Chai-yi City, you can get to A-li-shan either by car or train.

Long-yin Temple


Though if you decide to take the train, you will need to get off at Fen-qi-hu Station and then take the bus to get to A-li-shan.

Our team picked the car route. Entering the rural Chai-yi from Chai-yi city, you'll begin the uphill drive toward the mountains once you reach Chu-kou Village in Fan-lu Township.

There are landmarks, such as the two suspension bridges Eternity Suspension Bridges and Long-yin Temple. We quite like the romantic notion of standing on Eternity Suspension Bridges with our loves!

Pay attention to the traffic here as tourist buses usually park around the area to let tourists visit Long-yin Temple or use the restroom. There is also a LED board to notify you in the event of a road blockage due to rainy weather. When you are good to go, let's head to our first stop Xiding.

Xiding – tea plantations in the clouds

隙頂 – 雲裡的茶區

A-li-shan high mountain tea is very well-known, and it's neat to be able to see large tea plantations on your way to A-li-shan Road. Going uphill on A-li-shan Road, you will encounter 3 different types of forests along the way.
阿里山高山茶全球知名,往阿里山公路走,你就可以看到很大面積的茶園。 沿著公路往上, 會遇到三種林相。

A tropical forest is less than 800 meters above sea level; a subtropical forest is between 800 and 1600 meters above sea level; a temperate forest is more than 1600 meters above sea level.
海拔800公尺以下是熱帶林, 800公尺到1600公尺是亞熱帶,1600公尺以上是溫帶林。 e1e1a3affe9739c1761715e3d9137985

At an elevation of 1250 meters around the 54th kilometer stone on A-li-shan road, Xiding is where you can check out the first tea plantation for the famous high mountain tea. Due to the subtropical forest, you can sometimes see misty clouds covering the tea plantation by standing on the roadside.
隙頂位在阿里山公路54公里處,海拔1250公尺,是你在路上第一個遇到的知名高山茶茶區。因為亞熱帶的氣候,你站在路邊有時就可以看到成片茶園在雲霧中。 91227288ad3cef155bd61214d7cbbfff


If you planned for a multi-day trip, feel free to walk up the Err-yan-ping Trail to immerse yourself in the misty clouds of the tea plantation. You can also grab a quick bite or drink some tea at the Sheng Li farm over there.
如果你是多日遊,可以爬上二延平步道,體會整個身體浸潤在雲中茶園感覺。 而在那裡的生力農場也可以用簡餐或喝茶。 3586de07f9b8e7fb7c1615c38b9a734a


Shi-zhuo – tasting tea in the fairyland

石棹 – 在仙境品茶

The second tea plantation is at the 64th kilometer stone and 1300 meters above sea level. This is the prime area for A-li-shan High Mountain Tea in terms of the production quantity and quality. The clouds coming from the ocean are readily visible on the roadsides.
第二個可以看到茶園景觀的地方是在阿里山公路64公里處,這裡海拔1300公尺。這裡是阿里山高山茶以數量和品質最重要的產區。從路邊可以明顯看到海邊過來的雲霧。 6fb8cedaff7180207b024ad611a12897

The place Shi-zhuo has the same pronunciation as "stone table" in Chinese. The locals like to call the place "stone table" due to the large and squarely shaped boulder that looks just like a table on the roadside. Legend has it that this is the place for deities to savor the amazing A-li-shan High Mountain Tea.

Right here, we can totally imagine brewing and tasting the tea, which transforms into the perfect A-li-shan High Mountain Tea by absorbing the essence of mountains and dewdrops! This area is a convenient rendezvous point for the rail road station Fen-qi-hu up north and the settlement for the Native Taiwanse Tsou Tribe down south.
我們可以想像在這裡製茶和品茶,吸收山頭氣和露珠,蘊釀出最完美阿里山高山茶! 這裡也是通往北邊森鐵大站奮起湖方便的集會點和南邊鄒族聚居地。

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