Stroll around the alleys of Chiayi city and stumble upon vintage restaurants!/漫步嘉市巷弄 邂逅老屋餐廳!

There is a charm about dining in vintage restaurants as vintage houses are becoming rarer in modern days.

With modern renovations, vintage restaurants become unique attractions while preserving their retro appearances.

Da-dao-cheng and Di-hua Street in Taipei and those vintage cafes and homestays in Tainan are such examples.

English4TW team brings you some of these abundant vintage restaurants within 1 kilometer radius of Chai-yi Train Station that complement the alleys of this relatively rural city.

Old Young Fun 1931


Starting from the train station, you can see several bicycle and scooter rentals nearby.
先從火車站開始,週邊很多地方可以租自行車或機車。 6dcb74fe700389a12d23c0264a37da25




If you are up for a walk, the restaurants aren't too far away from the train station. Go to the big street Zhong-shan Road in front of the train station. Walking on Zhong-shan Road, you will see many different types of stores along the way.

Once you arrive at the first big street Min-sheng North Road, look to your left. There is the Old Young Fun 1931 restaurant located on No. 228 Min-sheng North Road.

The baroque-inspired facade is quite eye-catching especially at night. Upon walking inside, you'll the notice the pleasant lighting contrasting with the vintage interior.
巴洛克建築風格外牆相當搶眼,尤其是在晚間。一走進餐廳,有著相對於懷舊的內部,你會注意到讓人愉悅的燈光設計。 822af2b75f0c7260b052f5e5ac29574f

Walk up to the second floor, and there are plenty of seats and some interesting vintage soda bottles. Looking up at the ceiling, you'll see the originally unpainted wooden beams that are in stark contrast to the painted wooden compartments.
走上二樓,座位有很多,擺設很多有意思的舊式汽水瓶。抬頭看天花板,你會注意到原本沒有上漆的木樑,對照起上漆的木製隔間很不一樣。 a7f79158f267a88c026e568220f8c043





There are many items on the menu to choose from, including Hot Pot and combos. We picked the Chicken Hot Pot that came with two vegetable sides, a curry potato side and a bowl of rice.
菜單有很多選擇,火鍋到簡餐都有。我們挑了雞肉煲火鍋,上來的配菜有兩道蔬菜,馬鈴薯咖哩和一碗白飯。 d573fba59da9530638992a1ce14eee30



The water cup has "Old Young Fun" and its Chinese characters laser engraved. "Young Fun" resembles the pronunciation of "townhouse" in Chinese.
水杯有雷射雕刻的[Old Young Fun] 與它的中文字體。「Young Fun」發 音與中文字「洋房」發音相似。 2da25a7f31dc8d11ebd01f8849fc7476

"Young Fun" actually means "townhouse." Therefore, the name of the restaurant "Old Young Fun" means "old townhouse."
洋房實際英文意思就是townhouse。因此,餐廳的中文名老洋房英文意思就是old townhouse。

Hand on the Pizza


From Old Young Fun, make a right onto Min-sheng North Road. Make a right when you arrive at Zhang-rong Street, and then continue going east until you arrive at Zhong-yi Street.

When you reach Zhong-yi Street, make a right, and Zhong-zheng Park is around the corner. You'll come by some shops, including a Japanese Oolong Noodle shop and Toast Specialty shop.

Keep walking on Zhong-yi Road until you reach No. 129 on your right. Hand On The Pizza situated here is only a little over ten meters away from Zhong-shan Road.

This is a refreshing vintage house with modern interior renovations. There is also another chain store located on Wen-hua Road across from Zhong-yang Park.
這是個有內部現代裝潢的清晰老屋。還有另一家分店在文化路上,就在中央公園對面。 ef1b52dcc634d4478bbc346e87d333f5

What makes this pizza restaurant unique? You can see the restaurant crew making pizza from scratch on the other side of the bar from kneading the bread, to putting on seasonings and sauce, to putting the pizza in the oven.
手在披薩有什麼特別的呢?店內看到員工在吧台另一邊做披薩的整個過程,從揉麵團、排內饀撒醬料、到將披薩放進烤爐。 a0b36f42371ba4aef9347a34a8b1e8c6



There are many toppings and flavors on the menu to choose from. You can also customize the toppings and flavors to your liking.
菜單上有多種內饀和醬料選擇。也可以客製化,選擇自己喜歡的內餡和醬料。 88b56218abe09eca05c9bb1f8b460096



Another interesting aspect of this restaurant is that the pizza comes out on its homemade bamboo sieve instead of the porcelain or wooden plate that you would expect.
另外一個有趣地方,是這家店將披薩放在他們的自製竹篩,而不是你想像中的瓷盤或木盤。 90a6850008929a59dc9db04014e6eb30

Chai-yi is a prime location for bamboo production. Bamboo wares used to be the most commonly used local household items. Their use of bamboo accentuates a part of the local culture.

LuLu Cafe

LuLu 咖啡

From Hand On The Pizza, make a right to go back to Zhong-shan Road. Make a left onto Zhong-shan Road and keep walking until you arrive at Chai-yi Central Pond ahead. Go to the Wen-hua Night Market to your right.

Continue going on Wen-hua Road until you arrive at Lan-jing Road. Make a right onto Lan-jing Road and then walk for about 20 meters until you reach LuLu Cafe located on No. 223 Lan-jing Road.

Coming from the crowded and bustling Wen-hua Road, you can hardly expect to come across a quiet courtyard restaurant with large floor-to-ceiling windows, a white facade and blue sign, perhaps giving you a little taste of the Greek Islands!
從文化路的擁擠和暄鬧走出來,很難想像這裡會有一個安靜的庭院餐廳,大片法式落地窗,白色外牆和藍色招牌也給你一點點希臘島嶼的感覺! a93a13ac05eceef319d565cf07986216

The houses around the area are quite small, making the presence of the restaurant quite striking. This courtyard restaurant is not a vintage house, but it's built from the ground up to be vintage inspired.

With bright lighting and ample space, LuLu makes for a perfect place to relax or have great conversations.

They have a selection of pork, fish, beef and chicken combos. We got ourselves Japanese Roasted Chicken Drumstick with Sauce and some freshly squeezed lemonade. They tasted good!
他們的選擇有豬肉、魚肉、牛肉和雞肉快餐。我們選擇日式醬燒雞腿飯,搭配鮮榨檸檬汁。嚐起來味道很不錯! 0601d4545519fb5181cd88a12da9bece


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