Chowder temptation in Chiayi/嘉義羹的誘惑

There are plenty of places to eat chowder in Taiwan;

however, there is nothing quite like the Duck Chowder that you find in Da Wen Hua Duck Chowder in Chai-yi city.

Da Wen Hua Duck Chowder




The chef prepares it with just the right amount of onions, peppers, garlic and vinegar. The mouth-watering chowder tastes mildly sour with a hint of spice. The delicious pan-fried duck meat in the soup is even better!
廚師放了剛剛好的蔥、辣椒、蒜、醋。這令人流口水的湯頭肉羹喝起來酸跟辣洽到好處。湯裡美味的生炒鴨肉更好吃! 1cd793eb67924ec1d90516d8a0a3ad8d

If you have a taste for chowder while in Chai-yi, you have got to try this unique tasting Duck Chowder.
當您在嘉義時,如想吃羮, 一定要去嘗試這與眾不同的鴨肉羹。

Across from Wen-hua Park, Da Wen Hua Duck Chowder is located on 15-1 Wen-hua Road near the intersection between Wen-hua Road and Chui-yang Road.

Chai-yi Pork Chowder, the memorable Pork Chowder shop


Aside from Duck Chowder, the delicious Pork Chowder from Chai-yi Pork Chowder is also a must-try if you are looking for a unique tasting chowder that you will not likely find anywhere else.

The shop is located on No. 156 Min-sheng Road, at the street corner between Min-sheng Road and Guangcai Road. For many Chai-yi locals residing in other cities, this 60-year-old chowder specialty shop just begets nostalgia, making them yearn for gourmet chowder.
位在民生北路156號,在民生北路和光彩街轉角,許多旅居其他城市的嘉義人,會因為這六十年的肉羹餐廳引發思鄉之情,特別想吃美食肉羹。 03c0795e8abeaa758e653b5787943298



Coming into this small shop, you will notice a rather small number of items to choose from the menu. You get to choose Plain Pork Chowder or a combination of Pork Chowder and rice, noodles or rice vermicelli.
這家小餐廳一進門,你會注意到菜單上只有很少幾樣選擇。你可以選純肉羹,或者肉羹搭飯、麵或米粉。 39280f523374dc41a049504c0fdf5247

The chowder comes in a very small bowl, making the bowl full of soup look easy to spill over, but the soup doesn't overflow due to its density.
盛肉羹的碗很小,看起來好像快滿出來,因為湯濃稠以致於不會溢出。 d94f5d35958d58a2c4d6a5bf6ced409b

The thin breaded tender pork meat made from the pig shoulder blade is wicked tasty, and the mushrooms really add flavors to the already rich soup. Some cabbage and bamboo shoots atop the soup are just icing on the cake.

For those who reside in other cities and want to eat the delectable Pork Chowder at home, things just got better! As added convenience, they have frozen chowder packs that are easy to carry available for purchase.
對在外遊子而想在家吃到美味肉羹來說,太好了! 更加方便的是,還有好帶的冷凍羹湯包可以購買。 fdc75ae0e6c93ae6d2a4c16752a9187b
==It says "vacuum packing is available upon request."/牌子寫著[真空包裝意者洽檯]。==

c2aed85a24e1e225d78b6c9d28523f54 ==It says in green "payment upon delivery."/綠字寫著[宅配貨到付款]。==

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