Frozen Taro, the place of taro delight/ 冷凍芋, 芋頭悅樂

Taro is a starchy vegetable high in fiber, potassium, vitamin E and magnesium.

Taro consumption can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, control blood pressure, protect cells from oxidation by free radicals and boost immune system.

If eating a delicious dessert while obtaining all the aforementioned health benefits sounds tempting to you, the Frozen Taro Dessert from Frozen Taro is the dessert you want to eat.
如果能吃美味甜點又有剛所提到的健康好處聽起來夠誘人,嘉義冷凍芋的冷凍芋就是您想吃的甜點。 5cc15454ccbcb5cc054530d907c95ab6




The best taro desserts in Taiwan come from the places of origin. Chai-yi being one of the 4 places is no exception. Frozen Taro has been around since the 60s and known for their unwavering taro quality.

To ensure customers get the most palatable taro, the silkiest taro is hand-selected from different places across Taiwan depending on the season.

They hand-pick the top-notch taro from the north during winter; during summer and spring, the taro comes from the south.
冬天時節他們嚴選來自北部最高級的芋頭;夏天和春天的芋頭則來自南部。 ce8ff20bbe7876c0bb0e9718501e0686

In addition to their specialty Frozen Taro Dessert, the desserts come in two other flavors: green bean and barley. They are all packaged in cups, which are very convenient for eat in and carry out.
除了他們主打的冷凍芋,甜點有兩種:綠豆和薏仁。事先包裝在杯中,內用或外帶非常方便。 9e1ef489d5084796392e617b2388eba7 ==From left to right: Frozen Taro Dessert, Green Bean Soup and Barley Soup.//由左到右:冷凍芋、綠豆湯與薏仁湯==

We highly recommend that you try their Frozen Taro Dessert. Savor that honey flavored taro in the scrumptious soup!

The store is Located on No. 67 Min-sheng Road, next to the intersection between Min-sheng Road and Minzu Road.

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