The oyster charm and unique rice cake in Wenhua Rd Night Market/在文化路夜市裡的蚵仔魅力與特別米糕

The freshest oysters in Taiwan come from Chai-yi Dong-shi Fishery Harbor.

A Lin Oyster Omelet


Oysters have abundant zinc that provides a variety of health benefits, including boosting immune system, lowering bad cholesterol and increasing testosterone level.

Testosterone is responsible for sexual activity, athletic performance and muscle building in men.

If you feel like eating fresh oysters while in Chai-yi City, there is one place that you don't want to miss: A Lin Oyster Omelet located on 17-3 Wen-hua Road, across from Wen-hua Park.
如您在嘉義市想吃鮮蚵別忘了這間店:在文化公園對面位於文化路17-3號的阿林蚵仔煎。 84458e9da786a10ef1089fc186a58873



The shop uses only the freshest oysters from Dong-shi Fishery Harbor. If you are up for some fresh oysters, why not trying the delicious oyster omelet from A Lin Oyster Omelet!
這間店都採取最新鮮的東石蚵仔。想吃鮮蚵嗎?何不品嘗美味的阿林蚵仔煎! 38f6c7e06d2e6524b6e0794b809d86e6

A An Rice Cake



The rice cakes that you can eat in Taiwan are not what you typically think of when it comes to rice cakes. They are very different in the appearance and taste.

Rice Cake in Taiwan is made from sticky rice with savory pork toppings, making it taste very distinctive.

There are some cities in Taiwan where you can taste some rice cakes. Each one offers its own unique style and taste.

Ranked highly on our list of rice cake shops in Taiwan, A An Rice Cake in Chai-yi has been around for generations.

An order of Rice Cake comes with a braised egg or meatball, and one bowl of bonito fish Soup.

If this sounds good enough to satisfy your taste buds, you should definitely come check out A An Rice Cake while you are in Chai-yi.
如這樣能滿足您的胃口, 在嘉義時更要嘗試一下阿岸米糕。

Across from Wen-hua Park as well, A An Rice Cake is located on No. 420 Minzu Road near the intersection between Wen-hua Road and Minzu Road.

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