Our Taiwanese Shaved Ice, where you eat some shaved ice with a piece of Taiwan history/「咱台灣人的冰」, 藏著台灣史的剉冰

Shaved Ice, as some people may know it, is a specialty dessert originated from Taiwan.

What makes Our Taiwanese Shaved Ice worth mentioning is that the place used to be the home for a famous Taiwanese painter, whose valuable painting was sold at Sotheby's auction for a very high price.

The name Our Taiwanese Shaved Ice pays tribute to the painter who was a victim of the Two Two Eight Massacre.
「咱台灣人的冰」的名字向這個在二二八事件受難的畫家致敬。 abb7420d3938e9e1f1138bfb31046f36


Located on No. 249 Lan-jing Road at the intersection between Lan-Jing Road and Guo-Hua Road, this dessert shop is right between the office spaces and storefronts.

While enjoying the delicious Shaved Ice that eases the summer heat, you may also recall the tragedy of the past and express moments of gratitude for the big leap Taiwan, as a country, has taken toward being a democratic society.

For every serving of Shaved Ice, you get to choose five dessert toppings from over 10 options. Some toppings that we love are their nutritious Almond Jelly, indigenous Tapioca Balls and Honey Sweet Potatoes.
剉冰有超過10種的配料,顧客每碗限點5種。配料討喜的是營養的杏仁粉粿、當地的珍珠粉圓和蜜地瓜。 5b86f6a49ffb38ececf394fc0792b76a

Their Honey Sweet Potatoes are freshly made every morning.
蜜地瓜每天上午製作。 01a61d4b4cccb3b64da271f50c7b860f


When you come by early during the day, you get to see the shop employees peeling the sweet potatoes before cooking them in boiling syrup.

The hot steam coming out of the boiling pot bears a resemblance to the mingling between the fire and ice. It's an interesting sight to behold.

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