Happy Hill, a hidden gem in Chiayi City/幸福山丘-隱藏在嘉義的寶石

Not many people, Taiwanese included, are familiar with Chai-yi city.

English4TW delves into the urban part of Chai-yi this time to bring you the awesomeness perhaps only being discovered by few.

If you are into horse riding or teatime in a tasteful uphill garden, you'll surely want to check out Happy Hill located at Yuan-linzi. The owner of Happy Hill Titan bought the estate with having a private home in mind back in 2009.
如您對騎馬或是在一個有品味的山坡花園裡喝下午茶感到興趣的話,您肯定會想要到嘉義園林仔的幸福山丘看看!幸褔山丘的主人陸海鎮在2009年買下這片地, 當時想要當私人住宅。

His fascination with the western cowboy spirit and passion for fine bakery eventually led to the establishment of Happy Hill Horse Barn and Bakery House. The horse barn and bakery house were initially for private use, but are now open to the public.

There are generally over 10 horses in the Happy Hill Horse Barn. No worries, even if you are just curious about riding a horse for the first time, the horse trainer is there to guide you through the horse-riding experience.
幸福山丘馬場裡一般都有十來隻馬。不用怕,即使你因從未騎過馬而感到好奇, 場裡有職業馴馬師來引導你的騎馬體驗。



The Happy Hill Bakery House is near the horse barn. From the entrance, a nice walk through the uphill trail and stairs will lead you to the fine bakery house.
幸福山丘烘培屋離馬場很近,從入口走上上坡步道與階梯會帶你到上面的烘培屋。 8793593267e7c6311ccc0526f18b3d7f




A well-designed rest area by the bakery house allows for full enjoyment of coffee, bakery goods and a nice uphill view of a rural part of Chai-yi Min-xiong.
烘培屋前有設計及佳的休息區讓您享用咖啡與麵包同時間還可以觀望民雄, 是嘉義鄉村的一部分。



The bakery house offers an array of finely brewed coffee and tasty bread, using the freshest and healthiest ingredients.
烘培屋有提供多選擇的細調咖啡與美味麵包採用最新鮮健康的成份。 58e4196c9a26af6c0c5aaea5129d438d


If you have the propensity to relax in a quiet place while embracing nature, Happy Hill Bakery House is an ideal place for a family and friends get-together.

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