Calgary Bar and Restaurant, giving you a surprising nightlife experience in Chiayi City/卡加利美式餐廳–驚奇的嘉義市夜生活

For those who are in Chai-yi City and wondering about nightlife, English4TW team brings you Calgary Bar and Restaurant this time.

This is the only bar in Chai-yi City featuring live bands every Friday and Saturday as well as having the cool factor of being right next to A-li-shan Forest Raiway.
在每個星期五和星期六,這是嘉義市唯一有樂團現場演唱的酒館,而且很酷的是,酒館位置就在阿里山森林鐵路旁邊。 a01b86869594ca6bfc835dca39b233c2



Calgary is located on No. 351 Guo-hua Street Lane No. 19, which is close to Lin-sen West Road. If you come from Chai-yi Train Station, make a left to go east on Lin-sen West Road.

After you pass Bei-xing Bridge, continue to go east for about 100 some meters or so to arrive at Guo-hua Street. There is a Presidential Palace Restaurant on your left. Make a left onto Guo-hua Street and make another left onto the first alley on your left.

You can see a large bar sign, and A-li-shan Forest Railway next to the alley. The parking lot is right behind the bar. Make a right to go around the bar to get to the parking lot.
你可以看到酒館的大型招牌和阿里山森林鐵路緊鄰著巷子。停車場就在酒館後面。 右轉繞過酒館進入停車場。 246edaf1af1d204abe8a67c4656c40ce






Don't be tricked by its small entrance into thinking this is a small bar. The barn-style interior is spacious.

In addition to the bar area and many dining tables, there are the concert stage, pool table and dart area. Make sure to come by early during sports event to get a seat in the bar area.
除了吧枱區和許多用餐桌椅,還有演唱舞台區,撞球枱區和飛鏢區。如果有運動賽事記得早點來,要到吧枱區佔位子。 25a9090de7282d1e5c92eb850a931b7d




Some people liken Calgary to TGI Friday; however, Calgary is quite different from TGI Friday. The building is mainly made of wood, which is steeped in Chai-yi City heritage.
有人將卡加利餐廳比作是TGI Friday; 然而卡加利和Friday很不一樣。建築主要是木造,木材是嘉義市的傳統建材。

Inside the bar, there is what appears to be a boulder covered by a Guinness Beer ad. Upon close inspection, the boulder was sculpted entirely from a wood log, spanning over 3 meters. The other side was planed to be used as a comfy table.
館內有一個乍看之下很大的石塊,上面蓋著健力士啤酒廣告。仔細一看,石塊其實是一整根超過3公尺的原木雕刻而成。另一邊刨平做成很舒適的桌子。 2b3f060e142ea021b9f530e4f40a96f1

There are many items on the menu, encompassing both the eastern and western styles. They are tasty and not overly pricey. For drinks and beverages, we got ourselves some freshly squeezed lemonade, vegetable juice and some beer.
菜單上有很多項目,東西式都有。很好吃也不會太貴。以飲料和酒類,我們點了鮮榨檸檬汁和蔬菜汁以及啤酒。 a30ba737a8f5f2620d2f5cb0d812e729


We highly recommend their Three Cup Chicken and Clam Soup if you are craving for traditional Eastern Cuisine.
如果你很想吃東方料理,高度推薦三杯雞和蛤蜊湯。 103891876bb66e8b0be9995f0c894685



If you feel like some authentic western food, there are Nacho Cheese with Salsa and Hearty Double Burger with French Fries. Both will surely satiate your hunger.
如果想吃真正的西式料理,可以點拿巧玉米脆片配莎莎醬,還有他們大塊的雙層漢堡搭薯條。 一定都可以滿足你的饑腸。 6b58a780a75ebab269317a8a4e188233


Calgary has been around since 1997. They provide opportunities for less well-known bands to perform and at the same time, offer bar-goers the experience of listening to Taiwanese music.

We recommend that you come around 8:00 PM Friday and Saturday nights to dine in and have some drinks before watching live bands at 10:00 PM. Chai-yi is a quiet town, and Calgary is ideal for a weekend night out.

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