Taiwan Snack Shop, where you feast on snacks! /「台灣小吃」,在小吃店吃大餐!

Taiwan Snack Shop is the place English4TW team brings you this time.

The shop is Located on No. 180 Xing-da Road, in the vicinity of the intersection between Ziyou Road and Xing-da Road.

Across from an abandoned factory and with a handful of Taiwan antiques on display at the storefront, this restaurant is very easy to miss.
在一家廢棄工廠的對面,和門前展示的台灣古董,這餐廳一不小心就會錯過。 25cf3f1be975197b77adaf04e7bb0b59


Upon walking into the restaurant, vintage vibes abound. The wooden dining tables, bamboo chairs, 40-plus-year-old road signs, tea sets, adornments, and bowls with old cracks synergically make the interior look super retro.
走進餐廳,到處都是古董的氣氛。木製餐桌、竹椅、40年以上歷史的道路標誌,茶具和擺設裝飾,年代久遠有裂痕的碗,林林總總這些,讓內部裝潢更加古色古香。 63357ad353f9c58fb18547ea82839130




From Sweet Potato Leaves to Pan-fried Tofu, Pan-fried Five Willow Branch Fish to Liquor Smoked Pig Legs and Yilan Liver Bile to Sizzling Cast Iron Steak, every item on the menu is an authentic Taiwanese dish.
從地瓜葉到煎豆腐,五柳枝到醉豬腳,宜蘭膽肝到鐵板牛柳,每一種都是道地的台菜料理。 35885eb50f38ee042d9a098fa7ca21f0


We like to talk about what makes the cuisine at this place special. Let's start with the simple appetizer Sweet Potato Leaves. The leaves are soaked with soy sauce and covered in generous amount of garlic and red peppers.

Not only is it visually appealing, but also transforming what would otherwise be a dull-tasting vegetable dish into an edible one!

The fish cuisine comes in 3 delicious flavors: Pan-fried, Five Willow Branch and Garlic with Hot Pepper. If you have a penchant for red meat, we highly recommend their Sizzling Cast Iron Steak.
魚料理有三種口味:乾煎、五柳枝和蒜末辣椒。如果你喜歡紅肉,高度推薦鐵板牛柳。 be92009a8277911a8567b2eb69099175

The beef cuisine comes steaming with black pepper, green and yellow peppers, and onions inside the aluminum foil.
牛肉盛在鋁箔紙,混合黑胡椒、紅椒黃椒和洋蔥,端上來時蒸汽直冒。 5d5dfe57517409a7b00be618dd75b862

As a bonus, when you order enough food, you also get to enjoy the complimentary Meatball and Turnip Soup.
多出來的一個好處是,如果你點的菜色夠多,你還可享用他們招待的免費魚丸菜。 6c30cf34a9c03831862cecbe4fe71ce9

The soup itself is made from boiling pork bone, thus extracting the delightful flavor! All the aforementioned dishes go well with rice and should satisfy your taste buds!
湯頭是用豬大骨熬成而摘取其美味!前所講的這些菜都很下飯,讓你的味蕾很滿足! a993554a5c9338b4ed8e52f20b8eab1c

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