Southern Branch of National Palace Museum/故宮南院

Southern Branch of National Palace Museum is near HSR Chai-yi Station, requiring only 10 minutes of drive.

You can effortlessly get there by riding a bicycle from the HSR. Prior to it's establishment, the land was initially a sugarcane field owned by Taisugar. Sugarcanes used to be the most significant cash crop in Taiwan during the early days.

You can still see large fields of sugarcane on your way to the museum. After coming from HSR Chai-yi Station, go to HSR Blvd and then go to Gu-gong Blvd.

Shortly after you get on Gu-gong Blvd, you'll notice a large black building on the right side behind some woods. That's the Southern Branch of National Palace Museum.
上故宮大道沒多久,你會看到右邊樹林後方,一棟黑色大建築。那就是故宮南院。 54586e9594ea13e8d2780f8b7315e0ca

Driving toward it, you'll see the entrance to the south parking lot. You can opt to enter the north parking lot to your right side as well.
開車進去,你會看到南側停車場入口。在你右手邊。你也可以選擇從北側停車場進入。 3ab9710fb8135a655aa00d6fcddddc56

The museum park is quite large, occupying more than 70 hectares though the actual building only takes up 3.6 hectares, which is much smaller than the 6 hectares it was initially planned for.

The building architecture takes inspiration from the Chinese Brush Paintings.
建築靈感來自中國水墨畫技法風格。 82c16b39f833dd5ca28333df2e189a61

The remaining 60 some hectares are designated as a parking area, landscape area and artificial lake. You can feel how spacious the entire park is by walking to the museum from either the north or south parking lot.
院區其餘60公頃設計做停車場,景觀園區和人工湖。你走路到博物館主體,不管從南側或北側停車場,都可以體會園區有多麼大。 143eb9ac3ce51e5243f952e99abc5d9c

They provide shuttle bus services to the museum at the entrance, but we recommend that you take the 15-to-20-minute walk to fully indulge in the scenic view of the artificial lake, and installations.
他們在入口有提供帶到博物館的接駁車,但我們建議利用這15到20分鐘的步行來好好欣賞一下湖面風光和裝置藝術。 6984dfe1b214db236693db6468b9b101



The NPM (National Palace Museum), Taipei is one of the largest museums in the world and ranked as one of the top museums alongside British Museum, London and Louvre, Paris.

The Southern Branch of NPM is positioned as a museum of Asian culture and arts.

It's somewhat akin to the Musee Louvre Lens, France. Local cultural characteristics, such as the evolution of Chai-yi, Tea Culture and Porcelain, are showcased here during the grand opening exhibition.

Despite the museum's large space compared to the NPM, Taipei, there are only 8 exhibit rooms.
這裡的展覽空間雖然大很多,但和台北故宮相比,展覽房間數卻只有8個。 5f9ce591888450ba507089c1d7ea755e





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