Sean's Bistro Cuisine & Beverage, giving you a surprising encounter in the alley/東里流芳-巷弄驚奇相遇

Located near Chai-yi Junior High School and Yang-fu Temple, Sean's Bistro Cuisine and Beverage is not the easiest to find in the alley.

You can make a reservation. Parking is available as well.

This is the only restaurant here in a quiet alley. The front entrance is made of wood. The marble sign also has a wooden frame.

The sign reads "Flowing Fragrance from Eastern Miles" in Chinese (Dong Li Liu Fang). The restaurant is surrounded by residential houses, making it hard to identify at first glance.
招牌上面用中文字刻著東里流芳。餐廳四週都是民房,外表榨看之下難辨別出。 8598f2b3935fe08a101578b53e1d6109

There are many vintage houses renovated to become restaurants in Chai-yi; Sean's Bistro Cuisine and Beverage is no exception. There is abundant creativity in its appearance. You can see a small and elegant garden upon walking through the front entrance.

Once you are inside the restaurant, you can usually see two cats resting somewhere. The interior is reminiscent of the French country style. Aside from the individual tables, there is also a luxurious private room available for reservation.
一到餐廳裡面,你通常會在店裡的某個地方看到兩隻躺著的貓咪。內部一種令人想起法國鄉村的風味。除了個別的桌子,也有奢華的私人包廂,可以事先預訂。 17055a6a3f7ad6b868123d89c15e0585




The food is perhaps just as creative as the gardening that we first saw. There are steaks, pasta and even Eastern Cuisine. We ordered their signature Salmon Wellington and Blade Steak. Wellington dishes are typically meats wrapped in pastries before being baked.
食物也像一走進來看見的園藝造景一樣有創意。主菜有排餐,義大利麵,甚至東方料理。我們點的是他們的招牌威靈頓鮭魚和嫰肩牛排。所謂的威靈頓料理,大多用酥皮包裹牛排去烤。 9374ea9ccd3ec2468ca6287674a57c62




The Wellington Salmon that we ordered has a tender salmon wrapped in edible pastries, creating a very crisp and juicy taste. The Blade Steak is juicy and delicious as well.
我們點的威靈頓鮭魚,嫩嫩的鮭魚包在可口的酥皮裡,創造出一種非常酥脆又油潤的口感。至於牛排也是多汁好吃。 b95dad323a676aac2307589b26ddf7cd


It's evident how much thought they put into creating such edible dishes in a very refined yet understated atmosphere.

The restaurant is located on No. 11 Yuan-fu Street, Lane No. 80, near Chai-yi Park.

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