Ping An Tofu Pudding/品安豆花

Tofu pudding is one of the snacks that Chai-yi is known for.

There are a few tofu pudding places that we came by during our Wen-hua Road Night Market trip.

We're bringing you this relatively new tofu pudding shop next to the Lin Cong Ming Fish Head Casserole that we also brought you previously.

Despite the fact that Ping An Tofu Pudding has only been open for more than a year, it's nonetheless a distinctive tofu pudding shop that earns praises from many locals.

As soon as you step into the store, look at a nicely embroidered sign above you. Embroidered art pieces are delicate. Locals call this area the Street of Embroidery. Its roots date back almost one hundred years selling incense burners, religious statues and goods.
你一走進店裡,先看看頭上一幅刺繡的招牌。刺繡是很細緻的藝術作品。這個地區被當地民眾稱作「刺繡街」。有接近百年歷史,販售香爐神像等宗教用品。 7c35f6fae7f9f178dd7dd6b6d0ccbe47


Everything from deity outfits, table skirts for the altar and even prayer flags used during the religious parade are made utilizing this type of exquisite embroidery. This tofu pudding shop utilizes embroidery for its shop sign, reflecting one-of-a-kind local characteristics.

What makes Ping An Tofu Pudding special is their unwavering dedication to bringing the highest-quality tofu pudding out there.

They use only organic soybeans with no food additives, but their commitment doesn't stop there; the menu is full of items with special flavors, such as Oat Soy Milk, Lemon Tapioca Tofu Pudding and Ginger Tofu Pudding.
他們只用有機大豆,不含食品添加物,他們的承諾還不只這樣;菜單上有很特別品味項,例如燕麥豆漿、檸檬珍珠豆花和薑汁豆花。 3b033614b45f55cdd2cf3fa6e5c9a904

Oats are mixed in with soybeans to present a uniquely nutritious taste. Lemon Tapioca Tofu Pudding is served cold only. Savor that refreshingly sour lemon-flavored tofu pudding and caramel-boiled tapioca.

The harmonious fusion of sweet caramel and sour lemon juice delivers a distinguishably drool-worthy honey taste that's a must-try.

Ginger Tofu Pudding is served warm only and perfectly suited for winter season. The warm and mildly spicy ginger juice is nicely coupled with edible tofu pudding to present you with yet another delicious snack.

Ping An Tofu Pudding is located on No. 335 Zhong-zheng Road, Chai-yi City.

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