Lin Cong Ming Fish Head Casserole – 林聰明沙鍋魚頭

This distinctive Fish Head Casserole shop steeped in Chai-yi heritage is worth mentioning!

English4TW team brings you Lin Cong Ming Fish Casserole! Located on No. 361 Zhong-zheng Road, the shop is within walking distance of Chai-yi Central Pond.
台灣美語通團隊要介紹給您的,就是林聰明沙鍋魚頭,座落在中正路361號,從嘉義中央噴水池走路可到。 37f1e7dd13d018b5cd56d37199e8c6c8



Upon walking into this vintage-style shop, you will immediately notice the wooden tables and chairs. You guessed it, the tables and chairs are made entirely of the rare Taiwan Cypress; however, the exotic material does not overshadow the various delicious food that we are about to bring you!
一走進這家古典風格的餐廳,先映入眼簾的是木製桌椅。您猜到了,桌子和椅子全部都是稀有的台灣檜木製成!但是,接下來將帶給您的美食滋味超好,連這麼特別的桌椅都搶不過風彩! 9b1b046f02dfb92f06988acb7bd80a4f



If you are up for strong flavors, the Fish Head Casserole is a unique recipe that you will not find elsewhere. Come try its hearty vegetables, tofu, and fish meat in satay-flavored soup!
如您重口味,別的地方找不到這麼特別的沙鍋魚頭料理。一定要來嚐嚐這豐盛的蔬菜,豆腐,魚肉以及沙茶調味的湯底! 5fc44eaa2bd634c371bb5172e761be9f

While you are here, don't forget their Turkey Rice. It comes in a small bowl. The tender turkey meat with mouth-watering sauce is a must-try.
到這家沙鍋魚頭餐廳,也別忘了吃一碗火雞肉飯。它比較小碗。軟嫰火雞肉片 搭配垂涎的醬汁,非試吃一碗不可。 deea70f259ee8d2195507ee4768fae84



Last but not the least, their shrimp egg drop soup is absolutely delicious. There is a sunny-side up egg floating atop the soup. Taste this uniquely rich soup and you will not be disappointed!
最後但一樣好的是,他們絕讚的蝦仁蛋湯。湯頭中間浮著一顆太陽蛋。嚐嚐這道很有滋味的湯,保證不會失望! d6638ceb22f9f2b128ff5de69eb6cf37

The restaurant is open every day from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM, including holidays.

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