Taipei Grand Hotel/圓山大飯店

There are three landmarks easily identifiable when viewing the Taipei City: Taipei 1O1, Shing Kong Life Tower and Taipei Grand Hotel.

Compared to the other two, Taipei Grand Hotel is measly 36 meters above sea level and situated on a small hill.
比較起其它兩個, 圓山大飯店位在一座海拔僅有36公尺的小山上。

Its colorful architecture unquestionably makes it the top 3 landmarks of Taipei.

You know you are about to arrive in Taipei from the highway when you notice the large red columns and building with a golden rooftop from afar. There is a hiking trail right behind the hotel.
從高速公路上, 當您在遠處看見這大紅柱與金色屋頂的建築物,您就知道台北快到了。飯店後方有個步道係統。 06b4d4e35a06a1120db784d04e196a45

The building affords an unobstructed view of the Taipei City, including the straightening zone of Keelung River, and Songshan Airport.
這個建築能讓您視野無阻的面對大台北,包括有截彎取直的基隆河和松山機場。 bb86f4263dfb850f647d3ee0424d2c58



To get to Taipei Grand Hotel, take the MRT Tam-sui Xing-yi Line (Red Line number 2) and get off at MRT Yuanshan Station. Hotel shuttle buses are available to pick you up from the MRT station.
要到圓山大飯店, 搭捷運淡水象山線(2號紅線),然後在捷運圓山站下車。 會有飯店接駁車在捷運站帶你。

While the architecture resembles a Chinese imperial palace, the hotel is a historic place for the evolution of democracy in Taiwan. The Democratic Progressive Party was founded right here in 1986.
雖然這個建築像似一棟中國皇宮,這飯店卻也是台灣民主發展的歷史重要地點。民進黨在西元1986時,就在這裡成立。 d5aba14759a22c5af73f256415b546fe




For a long time, the hotel was the choice of stay for foreign VIPs. Former Taiwanese president Lee Teng-hui held a conference here with former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

These photos are preserved. You can find those photos on the walls of the hotel corridors if you search for them.

The cafe is located on the left side of the main lobby area as you enter the hotel. Their menu items are Fresh Fruit Platter, various desserts, coffee, tea, etc.
當你進入飯店大廳,咖啡廳就在左手邊。菜單上的選擇包括了新鮮水果切盤、各樣點心、茶類等等。 fc33b32272476176547e4a16702366fd


The cafe features live piano and violin performance, making it a great place to spend your leisure time.
咖啡廳有現場鋼琴與小提琴表演,是休閒時間可去的好地方。 b1a6540d90b618f1a3495f90ca3aa1a1

If you like to dine in Taipei Grand Hotel, we recommend that you make a reservation at the Golden Dragon Restaurant on the 9th floor. The seats next to the windows allow for a beautiful night view.
如你想在圓山飯店裡用晚餐,我們建議你訂九樓的金龍餐廳。窗邊的座位可以觀看美麗的夜景。 8a6a97e598834aea02d5395a48e84f39

Alternatively, the Yuan-Yuan Restaurant on the right side of the main hall is a great choice. Yuan-Yuan Restaurant is many celebrities' favorite. Their Jian-su and Zhe-jiang desserts are delicious.

We ordered their Small Steamed Bun, Tofu Chowder, Silk Thread Roll, Dongpo Pork and Dan Dan Noodles. They all taste authentic.

Some dishes have Taiwanese flavors mixed in. For instance, Dongpo Pork goes with Taiwanese Pork Belly Bun and sprouts. The juicy pork meat and crispy sprouts are a great match.
有些菜也加進台灣味。例如東坡肉搭配台式割包和豆芽菜。多汁的牛肉與脆脆的豆芽菜很搭。 fbed853532077fffce24fb4f610814f9







They also have fresh oysters delivered straight from Dong-shi, Chai-yi!
他們也有直從嘉義東石送來的新鮮牡礪! 2a0eaae76102bcff602a8a0e8a30cd15

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