Chiayi Tower/射日塔

At the highest point of Chai-yi Park, Chai-yi Tower is the landmark of Chai-yi.

The tower is 62 meters in height. The top floor is a sky garden that gives a nice view of the entire Chai-yi City.
樓高有62公尺,頂樓是空中花園,可以看到整個嘉義市的美景。 1e41c50bbe6c5a574b497137f1224c09


It's open till 9:00 PM on weekends (closed earlier during weekdays), making it an ideal place for a romantic evening on the weekend and to indulge in the beautiful night view of the city.
每逢週末假日,開放時間到晚上9點(平日則更早關閉),是個在一個浪漫週末夜裡享受嘉義市漂亮夜景的理想地方。 b485efc2c9590cd17d92f56627a89c70





This place used to be a Shinto shrine during the Japanese colonial era. The Taiwanese government later transformed it into a martyr's shrine, but the entire establishment was ruined by fire. The Chai-yi Tower was built after that.

The original auxiliary Omotesando, Torii and stone lantern are kept intact, but the office was transformed into the now Historic Archives Museum. You can only imagine how magnificent the establishment was during the Japanese colonial era.

The translation of the actual Chinese name for Chai-yi Tower is Sun Shooting Tower. The legend of sun shooting originated from the Native Taiwanese.
嘉義塔實際的中文名稱翻譯為射日塔。射日傳說來自原住民。 ad0e11fee5aa5fd9c896a55cbe71a507

Legend has it that the sun and moon were equally bright back in the days, making the weather too hot to bear. A wizard used a special bow to shoot the moon in order to reduce the heat and brightness of the moon to save the human race from extinction.

The tower architecture is hollow inside; the contour of the city flower Bauhinia Blakeana is visible from outside the tower.
射日塔的建築是內鏤空的;外表可以看到嘉義市花艷紫荊的線條。 07c3fae5a9e956b74402185c1347f458



There is a set of Clouded Leopard sculptures by the tower entrance. Clouded Leopard is classified as a vulnerable species by IUCN; it's considered extinct in Taiwan.
塔前有一對雲豹雕像。雲豹被國際自然保護聯盟定類為易危種類;在台灣己被認為絕種。 1031aa5b6488ba499b3a5fd0b9d272ce

Chai-yi Tower is located on No. 46 Gong-yuan Street. Coming from Gong-ming Road, you can go past Qi-ming Road to get to the baseball stadium parking lot. The walk from the stadium is 5 to 10 minutes.

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