Sunrise, sunset and lodging/日出、落日與住宿

Due to its unique terrain, Henchung Peninsula is a great place for observing sunrise and sunset.

The attractions near Taiwan Strait are perfect for watching sunset.

For example, there are Guan-shan, A-luan-bee, Sail Rock, Mao-bito and Mountain Gui Trail. Guan-shan is perhaps the most famous of the bunch. Mountain Gui is also great. Remember to bring a flashlight before going up the hill for watching sunset. You'll need to use it on your way down the trail after sunset.

The coast of Pacific Ocean is possibly the best place to watch sunrise. Gang-kou Port Suspension Bridge, Jia-la-shuei and Fong-chui-sha are good choices. Fong-chui-sha is the best among them due to its high ground.



There are many star-rated hotels in both Kenting and Hengchun. The number of homestays is in the hundreds. Be aware of scammers masquerading as homestays online. It's always a good idea to book your reservation through a travel agency or reputable online travel agency.

Chateau Beach Resort generally has the highest rating among all the hotels in the area. The hotel was a shooting location for the movie Ocean Seven and is the only star-rated hotel in the area to have a beach next to the building. If you don't mind paying the premium, it's worth a try.
這個地區夏都沙灘酒店通常評價最高。這家酒店是電影海角七號取景地,也是唯一一個,旅館區就在海灘前的星級旅館,如果你不介意開銷,不妨可以試試。 093f929be46ee48ba3cb8eebd10c4935

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