Sihjhongsi Hot Spring/ 四重溪溫泉

There are attractions, such as Shihmen Ancient Battle Field, requiring only 30 minutes of drive from Kenting.

Hot springs are available along the way. The recently established hot spring park has a free foot bath area.
沿路都有溫泉。新建的溫泉公園,還有免費的泡腳池。 689ce0fbce1e3bed4282633de588e062



Many people come here to enjoy a warm foot bath during winter. The hot springs here are alkaline hot springs, characterized by a high level of carbonate. The spring water is clear and odor free, making it safe to drink. Locals call the spring water Beauty Baths.
很多人來這裡,享受冬天腳下的溫暖。這裡的溫泉屬於鹼性泉,有很高的碳酸。溫泉泉水清澈無味,直接飲用也很安全。當地人稱這泉水叫美人湯。 961d9654e5f286023613461d33baa3ba


There is a very small old street, featuring many hot spring inns where you can get a hot spring bath. We think it's a great idea to enjoy some authentic local dishes in the restaurants along the street afterwards.
這裡也有條小小的溫泉老街,街上有許多溫泉旅店,你可以泡個湯。我們覺得泡完湯後,到沿街上的餐廳,嚐點道地的美食,是不錯的點子。 ca21b3fcb82248f07e9ed7627b803bb3


There are delicious food items, such as the Steamy Mutton Hot Pot, spa-boiled eggs and the most famous food product from Hengchun, the Onion Cuisine.

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