Sail Rock/船帆石

Sail Rock is a famous land mark of Kenting.

The rock is actually a reef that tumbled down from the nearby mountain. It's 18 meters in height and shaped like a sail boat. Upon closer look, the shape even resembles the former US president Nixon's back of the head!
事實上這石塊是附近山上滾落的珊瑚礁。高約18公尺,很像一艘帆船。近看甚至像前美國總統尼克森頭的後部! 0654a4c460f14878f0cecf50d83e0905



There is a Sand Island next to Sail Rock; unlike the name suggests, it's actually a beach and surprisingly, the finest shell beach in Kenting. Tourists used to carry the sand away, and some even used trucks to do large volume smuggling for private sales.
船帆石旁有個砂島;砂島不像名字提到的,事實上是海灘,而讓人驚訝的,這是墾丁最純淨的貝殼沙灘。以前遊客常把沙子帶走,甚至還有人用卡車大量走私出去販賣。 a9bf13fc56f3d7ea597f100956427b5e


In order to conserve this world-class beach, the Taiwanese government established a reservation area around the perimeter. This wonder of nature is now fenced up by barbed wires. You can see the shell sand from the outside, but can't play with it. The shell beach now feels more like a shell sand exhibit.

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