Kenting Street/墾丁大街

Kenting Street is a portion of the street located between Kenting National Park and Caesar Park Hotel.

There are beautiful ocean views during the day; myriad booth stands of exotic and local dishes are everywhere along the street at night.
白天有美麗海景可以看;到了晚上,各種異國風味和當地料理的攤販排滿路邊。 aed1f1bd3be82a005acd7bd70cdb5fe7


You can enjoy countless types of local dishes or find a bar that suits your taste. Feel the enthusiasm and energy of this place and perhaps leave yourself with a memorable taste in this Kenting trip!

Littel Bay


Continuing going south after the end of Kenting Street, you'll see Little Bay right by Caesar Park Hotel. The beach is a good place for sunbathing during the day and even a better place for taking a walk and enjoying romance during the night if you happen to lodge at Kenting.

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