Hengchun Peninsula/恆春半島

Hengchun Peninsula is the southernmost part of Taiwan. Unfortunately, you can't get there by train.

There are flights you can take from Taipei to get to Hengchun Airport, but there are only two flights available per week.

The flights are subject to cancellation in the event of katabatic winds, making the plane route quite inconvenient. There are many options if you decide to take the road. You can take the Taiwan Railway to arrive at Kaohsiung Train Station and then either rent a car or take the bus to get to Hengchun.

We recommend that you take the High Speed Rail to arrive at Kaohsiung Zuoying Station. You can take the inter-city bus from here or rent a car. Car rentals are readily available once you exit the HSR ticket barrier.

Foreigners will need to bring their international driver's license and passport or domestic driver's license in order to rent a car. Once you get a rental car, you can take the nearby National Highway 10 and then connect to National Highway 3 south.

Take the Nan-chou Interchange exiting National Highway 3 and then take Provincial Highway 1 to go south all the way before connecting to Provincial Highway 26.

Hengchun Airport


Keep heading south on Provincial Highway 26. Before reaching Hengchun Ancient City, Hengchun Airport will be on the right side.
一直走26線往南。進入恆春古城前,右手邊就是恆春機場。 1f5446b7df177f8df42b3addee9be18f

Hengchun Airport has been the southernmost and smallest airport in existence in Taiwan since the Japanese colonial Era. It was initially used as a training ground for fighter jets practicing crosswind landings.
恆春機場是台灣本島最南端,也是最小型的機場,從日治時代就存在。最早是戰機練習側風起降的訓練場地。 fc2aac98507c484d3d818b4648329526


There were no planes landing when we walked into this small airport; no one was waiting at the airport either; the entire runway was empty. There were only a couple of janitors working at the departure lounge;
當我們走進這個機場,並沒有飛機起降;也沒有人在機場候機;跑道空空蕩蕩。只有一兩個清潔人員在候機室打掃; 197a7d73c1932a74e95b51eafa15e53d



however, we found various Hengchun and Kenting travel guides at the counter. It's very convenient to be able to park and use the restroom here. In case you didn't prepare ahead of time, you can get all the travel guides that you need here.

Hengchun Ancient City – Qing Dynasty meets new Japan


Hengchun Ancient City is the center of Hengchun Peninsula. Take Provincial Highway 26, and there is a fork junction before Hooyai Hotel.

The maroon welcome sign with a large Yueqin on the top of it is the landmark of Hengchun. There are many hotels and homestays in Kenting. We recommend that you lodge at Hengchun. Tour around Hengchun Ancient City and then head toward Kenting.
有一個棕色的歡迎路標,上面有一個很大的月琴,這是恆春地標。墾丁的旅館和民宿很多。我們建議你可以選擇住在恆春。遊覽恆春古城後,再到墾丁去。 f48b364a4bb77233a7a8427390bb7050

Hengchun is only 15 minutes drive away from Kenting. Hengchun Ancient City is not too large despite its 4 city gates.
恆春距離墾丁只有15分鐘車程。恆春古城區範圍不大,卻有四個城門。 c2b05e537afc688f840399d4f4cee723





The city gates have been kept in good condition. This establishment was the result of a tragic encounter between the Qing dynasty and rising Japan in 1874.

The encounter is historically referred to as the Mudan Incident. 54 Okinawa residents were mistaken for pirates by the Native Taiwanese due to some serious miscommunications. The Okinawa residents were executed by the Native Taiwanese. The situation was escalated into the Japanese sending troops to Taiwan.

After the conclusion of the peace treaty, the Qing dynasty built the Hengchun Ancient City in the back then desolate Hengchun in order to maintain sovereignty.

Hengchun Township is not large. City gates can be seen within a few minutes of walk. You can immerse yourself in that uniquely retro experience of walking around the ancient streets, eating some local dishes and relaxing in renovated vintage cafes.
恆春鎮不大。走個幾步路就可以看到古城門。你也可以在老街走走逛逛,吃吃小吃,或者在老屋翻新的咖啡館坐一坐,讓自己沈浸在獨特舊日風格的經驗中。 a74ba9b9f6ce50c5085787eca8ff9278






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