The coast of Pacific Ocean/太平洋海岸

Continue going on Provincial Highway 26 and then head north along the coast of Pacific Ocean.

You can get to A-luan-bee Park, Fong-chui-sha, and Jia-la-shuei in Man-zhou Township.

A-luan-bee Park and the southernmost Taiwan


A-luan-bee Park is where Bashi Channel and Pacific Ocean meet. A-luan-bee Lighthouse is the southernmost lighthouse in Taiwan, with the longest range of illumination.

It's one of Taiwan's Eight Scenic Treasures. The park is open all year round. It's open from 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM from April to October and from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM for the rest of year.

You will often see many tourists taking pictures by the stone. Walk on the coastal trail and check out the myriad tropical plants and terrain of coral reefs during the day. If you happen to stay till the time it gets dark, watch the lighthouse beacon lighting up the surroundings. It's a unique sight to behold.
你會常看到很多遊客在這個石碑前拍照。白天可以走濱海步道,看公園內多種熱帶濱海植物以及珊瑚礁地形。如果你待到天色變暗,可以看到燈塔光束照亮週邊,感覺很特別。 59a184ee2135af8a4908efcf86084473

Once you enter the park, walk up the trail to get to the lighthouse. The area used to be a military fortress heavily guarded by the marine. The lighthouse was at one time the only armed lighthouse in the world due to the attacks from tribes in numerous occasions.
當你一進公園,沿步道往上走就可以到燈塔。這個區域過去是軍事要塞,有海軍陸戰隊重裝駐守。因曾數次遭到部落群族的攻擊,燈塔一度還是全世界唯一的武裝燈塔。 7b6ca9ae85efd3d09be6ef36e84d154f





The time of war is a bygone era; barracks were transformed into shops; the observatory became a scenic overlook. It now becomes the responsibility of tourists to protect this miracle of nature.



Fong-chui-sha is a unique attraction in Kenting. The name Fong-chui-sha in Chinese means "sand blown by wind." The coastal sand used to get blown onto the road every year during the northeast monsoon, which is a katabatic wind. The coastal sand piled up and covered about one third of the road.
風吹砂是墾丁的特殊景觀。Fongchueisha中文是風吹砂。以前每年海岸的沙子都在東北季風時,被所謂的落山風,吹到路上。海岸砂子堆積起來,覆蓋三分之一的路面。 908f9034be7383733499374de8cbd02e

You still got to enjoy the magnificent sea scenery when looking down from the high ground; however, after the new road construction, the sandy path became blocked. You can still see the sand piles on the roadside.
現在你也可以從高地往下看,享受壯闊的海景;然而由於公路開設,砂的路徑被阻斷。現在你仍能在路邊看到砂堆。 0571255b76301558668af9b88cb73989

Gang-kou Port Suspension Bridge


Provincial Highway 26 ends at Jia-la-shuei Park in order to protect Land Hermit Crabs and conserve Alanyi Ancient Trail. The construction of the further projected route came to a halt, you must take a tortuous route to further your way north.

To get to Jia-la-shuei, make a right onto Jia-la-shuei Industrial Road when you arrive at the suspension bridge in Gang-kou Village.
要到佳樂水,在港口村遇到吊橋後,右轉走佳樂水產業道路。 6f0ae5a7dae5eb8f0f679d58544013d2

You may want to check out the Gang-kou Port Suspension Bridge before entering the industrial road.
你在進入產業道路前,可能會想看看港口吊橋。 cac7b7a0bf1c3daa0575b235dd4fa82a

The suspension bridge is also referred to as Lover Bridge. Look toward the mountains from Lover Bridge, and the port river is exceptionally clear.
這座吊橋有情人橋之稱。從情人橋往山邊方向看,港口溪水非常清澈。 04605dbb63c8d15148d9d8145b8d8944

Look toward the ocean, and there is the spectacular river mouth leading to Pacific Ocean. The little peninsula makes for a good place to watch sunrise and sunset.

Fishing Village Park


There is Fishing Village Park before entering Jia-la-shuei Park. This place is suitable for surfing all year round, making it a surfer's heaven.
進入佳樂水公園前,會有一個漁村公園。這個地方一年四季都適合衝浪,成為衝浪天堂。 3328dbedb1deca6e05ba327d79fd40b1

You'll see many surfers chasing waves in the vastness of the sea every day. There are many surf homestays, surf schools and surfboard rentals nearby. If you feel like surfing while vacationing here in Kenting, this place is a great choice.
每天你都可以看到許多衝浪客在闊海裡追逐浪花。附近也有許多衝浪民宿及教學、租衝浪板的店家。假如你來墾丁度假想衝一下浪,這裡是個不錯的好地方。 e366c62c76258ba4b18636a23b363bbe




Jia-la-shuei Park


Entering Jia-la-shuei Park, you'll be seeing what's akin to the northeast terrain in Taiwan. The main coastal terrain in Jia-la-shuei was formed by sandstones and coral reefs. Some unique shapes of these rocks and stones along the coast were formed by the erosion of sea waves.
進入佳樂水,你彷彿是看到台灣東北角地形。佳樂水海岸地形是由砂岩和珊瑚礁構成。沿著海岸一些奇怪形狀的礁石和石頭,因為海浪侵蝕而形成。 a76c235b7937455c46a072954a6088b9


You'll see many stones and rocks, resembling the shapes of various animals and even Guan-yin (referring to the Goddess of Mercy in Buddhism), on the bus tour along this 2500-meter-long coast. Interestingly, right before the final stop, there is a large rock with the shape that's a dead ringer for Taiwan!
沿著2500公尺長的海岸,你在觀光公車上會看到很多礁岩和石頭,彷彿是各種動物,甚至像觀音(佛教代表慈悲的女神)。有趣的是,快到終點站前,有一顆大石形狀像極了台灣,簡直一模一樣! 61a6ff7fb98d7a29f3aa2ea4318e42aa







c3f9fda71bcb108506b3ac7fc6cb76ab ==The large rock ahead resembles Taiwan./前方的巨石像台灣。==


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