South Bay/南灣

You'll first arrive at South Bay before entering Kenting. Aside from hotels along the road, you can see the ocean on one side, mountains from afar on the other side.

Driving on the road, we see rows of palm trees along the way, reminiscent of driving on the streets of Southern California.
開車在路上,我們看到沿途成排椰子樹,好像開在美國加州南部路上的感覺。 3576e49da595160805177b0f7057697b



The water in South Bay is deep blue in good weather. South Bay is sometimes referred to as Blue Bay. The beach is 600 meters long. It's a great place for swimming and sailing.
平日天氣好時,南灣海水是深藍色。有時南灣也被稱為藍灣。沙灘長600公尺。是游泳和駕駛帆船的好地方。 2dea1fb5a17e9e612aa8305a716e90a6


Looking south from the beach, you'll notice two large reinforced concrete columns behind three wind turbines. Those are nuclear power plants.
從海灘南方看過去,你會注意到在三座風力發電力後方,有兩顆強化水泥大圓柱。那是核電廠。 e6bec8c6b8eb890291d7092f6d7042d5

South Bay is one of the most popular beaches in Kenting. The sand here is finer, and the beach is longer with a gentle slope, making it a perfect place for splashing around, surfing and sailing. You can also enjoy riding a banana boat or jet ski here.
南灣是墾丁最受歡迎的遊憩沙灘之一。這裡的沙子比較細,沙灘較長且坡度平緩,成為戲水、衝浪和駕駛帆船的好地方。在這裡,你也可以享受騎乘香蕉船和水上摩托車。 83bda9a9d17f77f77fb600939f0387c8

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