Diamond Tony's Panorama, a Taipei 101 city view restaurant/101觀景餐廳 隨意鳥地方

We mentioned in another article that you can view 1O1 from somewhere farther such as the Taipei City Hall and Xiang-shan Hiking Trail.

Taipei 1O1 building is located on No. 7 section 5 Xing-yi Road.

The main entrance is facing south. Walking from Xiang-shan to the 1O1 building, you can stay around a bit on the sidewalk and in the parking lot across from the building to observe this architectural marvel.
正門向著南方。你從象山走到一零一大樓,可以在對街的人行道和停車場停留一下來看看這個建築奇觀。 59b9f2e05f20e07581384aef8f598753

The area near MRT Taipei 1O1 (World Trade Center) Station exit number 4 is also a great spot. The view is much more splendid up close.
在台北捷運一零一大樓/世貿站的4號出口附近也是個好地點。這景觀近看是更壯麗的。 03b076c6ba135e95255a532c1a83dcfc

The 1O1 is an office building, you'll need a pass to get to the majority of the floors.
台北一零一是辦公大樓,你需要通行證才能上大多數的樓層。 82b4a129cc96bb18907dc14c17e1dcd0

There are a scenic overlook on the 89th floor and an outdoor lookout on the 91st floor, both afford very good Taipei city views. The spot on the 89th floor is open from 09:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

The outdoor spot on the 91st floor will open depending on weather conditions.

The entrance fees to both are subject to change, but expect to pay around 500 NTD; it's still less than what you would pay for Eiffel Tower, Paris, Sky tree, Tokyo, and Dubai Tower, the tallest building in the world right now.
門票費會有變更, 但預計在台幣500元左右;費用仍比要去巴黎艾菲爾鐵塔、東京晴空塔和目前世界第一高的杜拜哈里發塔來要的低。

You don't necessarily need to get to the scenic overlooks to get a city view. There are restaurants on the 85th and 86th floors that will give you similar viewing pleasures. We chose the Diamond Tony's Panorama on the 85th floor.
要觀看市容其實不一定要去景觀台。在85樓與86樓的餐廳也能給你相似的觀賞樂趣。 我們選擇的是,位在85樓的隨意鳥地方。

If you go through the 1O1 building main entrance, you sometimes get questioned by security personnel, requesting to see your pass.
從一零一正門進入,有時安全人員會問查, 要看你的通行證。

To get to the restaurants on the 85th and 86th floors, we recommend that you go through the shopping mall building entrance next to the 1O1 first and then get up to the second floor.

The second floor of the shopping mall is connected to the elevator area on the second floor of the 1O1.
購物中心二樓與一零一二樓的電梯區是相通的。 5cadfb04cd1722c0dc3fd5b6bf1950eb

There is a reception area once you get to the elevator area on the 2nd floor in 1O1. All restaurants on the 85th and 86th floors require that you make a reservation.
到了一零一二樓的電梯區會有個接待區。所有在85樓與86樓的餐廳都會要求你訂位。 b02c100b13645caaf8598a7083ea50cf

If availability allows, you can make a reservation while at the reception desk. To get a desirable table by the window, we recommend that you make a reservation ahead of the time.
如有空位允許, 你也可以當場在接待區訂位。要坐到理想的窗邊桌位,我們建議您提早訂位。

There are usually receptionists that will guide you on the second floor. Take the elevator all the way to the 60th floor. There will be another receptionist near the elevator on the other side that will take you to the 85th floor.
通常會有接待員在二樓帶路。 搭電梯一直到60樓。會有另一個接待員在 另一邊的電梯附近帶你到85樓。

Although Diamond Tony's Panorama is an Italian restaurant, the main entrance setup exudes Chinese style.
雖然隨意鳥是個義式料理餐廳,大門布置散發出中國風格。 c500fd38b2b0e2d3adedc01dce251546

The bar here is the tallest in Taiwan, and the night view is also among one of the best in Taipei. We would be hard pressed to find seat availability.

We arrived here at noon and were luckily able to get seats next to the open kitchen bar. The staff indicated that the tables by the windows had all been reserved since 2 months ago.
我們到的時間是中午,能幸運找到在開放式廚房旁邊的一個桌位。服務人員說窗邊的桌位早在2個月以前全被預訂一空。 9605e0e083e2fbd24a497a0730acbf94






We ordered their signature M9 Sirloin and Lamb Chops. The salad was quite refined, and the main and side dishes were good. Although the price is slightly high, we think their best selling points are the comfy environment and great views.
我們點了他們的招牌M9沙朗牛排和他們的小羊排。沙拉很精緻,小菜和主餐也不錯。雖然價位偏高,我們認為他們最大的賣點是舒適的氣氛與超好的景觀。 2eecc4f90d95573c44014ea73b50a501





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Their restroom is quite distinctive. The floor-to-ceiling windows let you know that you are way up here while using the restroom. We think the restroom here offers an one-of-a-kind restroom view in Taiwan:)



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