Mt. Dajian/大尖山

Mountain Da-jian inside Kenting Ranch is possibly the most eye-catching landmark of Kenting.

From the west to South Bay or from the east to A-luan-bee, Mountain Da-jian can be readily seen when looking up from many areas.
從西到南灣或者往東到鵝鑾鼻,從很多地方,只要一抬頭就可以看見大尖山。 37336df9f029463b97a7a4bdef89b75a




Once you arrive at Chateau Beach Resort after entering Kenting from South Bay, you can see the west side of the mountain; at Little Bay by Howard Beach Resort, you'll be looking at the south side of the mountain.

Once you get to the Ocean View Tower in Kenting National Park, you get to see the shape of the entire mountain from the highest vantage point. The surrounding flat ground makes Mountain Da-jian, even at only 318 meters above sea level, look tall.

This is the topography of Kenting giving testament to the historic continental collision between Taiwan island and the Philippine plate.

You used to be able to climb Mountain Da-jian, but the entry is now prohibited due to rocks weathering and peeling off. Violators will be fined by the park patrol officers.
你以前可以攻頂,但因為岩石風化剝落,現在禁止入山。違規闖入會被公園警察罰款。 06fc4f31b52ec4695374aef6a819f12e

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