Wu Pao Chun Bakery/吳寶春麵包店

Upon exiting MRT San-duo Shopping District Station, across from Kaohsiung Sih-wei Administrative Center is Wu Pao Chun Bakery.


The founder is from Pingtung. He moved to Taipei when he was 15 to become an apprentice baker. He won prizes in Bakery World Cup competitions; in 2008, he took 2nd place on the podium in the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie; in 2010, he took the first place in Bakery Masters and became Master Baker 2010.

This bakery was his very first one in his home country.
這是他在台灣故鄉開的第一家麵包店。 ecb64938221dde71d563daea4b799a3c

We arrived here in the afternoon. The bakery was already packed with people inside. The waiting line was all the way outside the bakery entrance. We got in during their tryout for free and tasted their brown sugar toast. Bread loaves were sliced into 6 slices. Everyone got a generous slice.
我們到的時間是下午。店內已經擠滿人。排隊等候的從店門口前排成長龍。我們進到店裡,剛好遇到免費試吃,我們試了他們的黑糖吐司。吐司切成六大片。每人都有慷慨的一片。 93d6632103544e3505b02811fbbc7808




Wu Pao Chun won prizes in World Bakery Cup competitions with his Taiwan Longan with Red Wine Bread and Taiwan Litchi Rose Champion Bread.

The longans, litchis, rose leaves and rice are all grown in Taiwan. Infusing the essence of Taiwan produce into their European-style bread, Wu Pao Chun drew high praises from world-class bread experts.

His award-winning bread recipes give Taiwan bread the opportunity to be on the world stage and allow the world to taste the goodness of Taiwan produce. All the bread in the bakery is made in the same taste-quenching spirit, making Wu Pao Chun a must-stop when you are in Kaohsiung.
他的得獎麵包,使得台灣麵包第一次站上世界舞台,也讓世界可以嚐到台灣產品的好滋味。店內所有的麵包,是用同樣的滿足味蕾之精神焠煉,使得吳寶春麵包店成為高雄必到之處。 11975716b796532426ff5dff3a82377d

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