MRT Sizihwan Bay Station and Shoushan National Nature Park /高捷西子灣站-壽山國家自然公園

Getting off Sizi-hwan Bay Station, you are in Shou-shan National Nature Park. It was the first National Nature Park in Taiwan.


Once you exit the MRT station, what come to view are hills, an abandoned train station, railways, port warehouses and surrounding vintage buildings. The harbor port and military restricted zone have dwindled in considerable size to present you with some of the lost glamour.

Ta-kao Railway Museum


From Sizi-hwan Bay Station, take the exit toward Sizi-hwan Bay or Ferry Pier. You can get to Gu-shan Ferry Pier or National Sun Yat-sen University by heading toward the backside of the exit.

There is a single-story house with the sign "Ta-kao Railway Museum" written in Chinese to the right side of the exit. There is a large turf with sculptures and abandoned railways behind the museum.
出口前方的右邊,有一座平房建築,上方招牌用中文寫著「打狗鐵道故事館」,故事館的後方,可以看到一大片草地,上面有雕塑和廢棄鐵道。 145d701dba39d324eb67d66d94eb7e98

This small museum was both the train station and office for the earliest Kaohsiung Main Station before its relocation. The museum is open to the public for free starting at 10:00 AM, so don't miss out the opportunity!
這小小的博物館,曾是車站也是辦公室,高雄火車站遷到現址前,這裡是最早的高雄火車站。早上十點開放,免費參觀。所以你可別錯過! 1783e285a06e116edca92f48303adad8


Ta-kao was the old name for Kaohsiung used by the Native Taiwanese. The word Ta-kao in an aboriginal language means "bamboo forest." Ta-kao Museum was the Kaohsiung Main Station.

It was given the name Kaohsiung Station during the Japanese colonial era. All the heavy industry goods and the transportation of harvested fish had to be dispatched from here.

The Japanese Emperor Hirohito took the train here while he was the Crown Prince. Eventually, the entire infrastructure of public transportation moved from this area to the now Kaohsiung Main Station. The old railways became obsolete, and the remains can be seen on site.
日本裕仁天皇擔任皇太子時,曾經在這個站搭車。後來全部設備和公共運輸全部移到現在的高雄火車站。舊的鐵軌廢棄後,在原地還是看得到。 fb4636bd721944e9ad4ce7208e01b7d8

The large turf near Ta-kao Rail Museum is the exhibition ground for Pier 2 Art Center. The magnificent Port of Kaohisung decorated archway can be seen from the 6 large flagpoles on the other side.
打狗鐵道故事館附近的大草坪,是駁二藝術特區的展覽場地。高雄港雄偉的牌樓,可以在特區另一邊,六根大旗桿的位置看到。 a85c96ac5b1ea7478b931527ce5c519e


Pier 2 Art Center


After leaving Ta-kao Railway Museum, make a right and make another right into the turf area when you see the entrance. There are old trains and locomotives. You can even find the mini train that used to run on A-li-shan Railway!
離開鐵道故事館往右走,看到入口再右轉就可以看到一個大草坪。上面有很多台灣舊式火車列車和火車頭。其中還有曾經奔馳在阿里山森林鐵路的小火車! f37085c179f36ef0592238dfbc6a2fca


The remains of the railways as well as installations are there on the turf. The warehouses around the corner are where the Pier 2 Art Center is. The center was originally the warehouse area for the harbor. After opening the harbor to the public, the old warehouses were transformed into a cultural and creative park.
草坪上留有廢棄鐵軌,同時也有裝置藝術。不遠處隔壁的倉庫群就是駁二藝術特區。駁二藝術特區原本是港區的倉庫。隨著港區開放給公眾,破舊的倉庫轉型為文創園區。 1100f5b884fe7c03ad37e303938314b8





Much like the Shonshan Cultural Park and Hua-shan Creative Park in Taipei, the Pier 2 Art Center provides young artists with a place to showcase their works. There are exhibitions one after another to bring you some nice surprises!
很像台北的松山和華山文創園區,駁二藝術特區也提供年輕藝術家展示作品。一個又一個的特展,也會給你一些好驚喜! d6bab0e5fcd4c4a36ffacba0ea5a3947

Banana Pier


The Banana Pier is on the far side from the 6 large flagpoles. The pier was the designated exportation pier for bananas, which were one of the most important agricultural products in Taiwan.
至於香蕉碼頭,則是在六根大旗桿那邊,還要再過去。香蕉碼頭是出口香蕉的專用碼頭,以前香蕉是台灣最重要的農產品之一。 715ce548216c7009acf0409c3934480c

Although bananas are no longer exported goods, there is a Banana Story Museum, enshrining the historical significance of Taiwanese agriculture.

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