Walking around Yanchengpu/鹽埕散步

From Formosa Boulevard Station, take the orange line to head west. Yanchengpu Station is right before the final stop Sizi-hwan Bay Station.

This area is ideal for taking a walk and understanding the past and present of the city. "Yanchengpu" in Mandarin Chinese is the Taiwanese pronunciation of Yancheng District.
這是可以好好散步,了解高雄現在和過去的理想所在。「鹽埕埔」中文的字面,就是鹽埕區全名的台語發音。 31eda07542eec0b0784ecd443d667a71

It's located between Port of Kaohsiung and Love River. The area has been prosperous since the Dutch colonial era due to the nearby harbor and was the most bustling area in Kaohsiung at one time. Its dwindling prosperity was due to the migration of the downtown and harbor industrial development to other areas of Kaohsiung.

The opening of the harbor to the public, construction of the MRT Yanchengpu Station and development of high quality cultural sites and hardware have seemed to bring the old Yancheng District back to life.

Yanchengpu Station is one station away from Sizi-hwan Bay Station. After coming out of Yanchengpu Station, it's quite a treat to take your time to walk around and explore some tasty local dishes and then head to Sizi-hwan Bay Station.

Da-gou-ding Aloha Braised Dishes


There are many snack shops around here. One of the best-known shops is the 60-year-old Da-gou-ding Aloha Braised Dishes, located on No. 154 Da-ren Road.
這裡有很多小吃。最有名一家,是有60年歷史的大溝頂阿囉哈滷味,位在大仁路154號。 58634ce7bb1c0dc32b1a503c8d7a04e2


There is another braised dish shop next to it, opened by the same family. The food selections are very similar. We went to Da-gou-ding Aloha Braised Dishes and got ourselves some chicken drumsticks and marinated tofu. The marinated tofu is a unique recipe. The fried tofu skin is shredded before being stewed. The dish tastes delicious and rich.
旁邊也有一家,是同家族的人開設。賣的東西類似。我們選擇在大溝頂阿囉哈滷味,挑了雞腿和蘭花干。蘭花干很特別。豆皮油炸切成細絲再滷。吃起來好吃又味道濃郁。 bfce282aefa952048f33b396c961b4de





Popo Shaved Ice


There is the Popo Shaved Ice with whom many stores share the same name. We went to the one located on No. 135 Qi-xian 3rd Road and ordered their signature shaved ice with their proprietary toppings. The toppings are typical of what you see in the shaved ice.
也有一家婆婆冰,有好幾家店和它的店名一樣。我們選的是七賢三路135號,點了招牌剉冰,剉冰加上他們的自制配料。配料是一般剉冰常見。 ab5289b1e27296af24dccafacbc71a9d


For example, the marinated pineapples and starfruits are made so tender that you can hardly recognize the types of fruit that they are. The shaved ice is softened by the sprinkled syrup, making their signature shaved ice taste unique.
例如醃鳳梨和楊桃,熬製得特別軟,幾乎分辨不出來它們的果樣。剉冰因上面淋糖漿而吃起來相當綿軟, 使的他們的招牌剉冰口味獨樹一格。 e0b2e3fd112891a531408eb6ee3a8c2c

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