Chinkan Tower, a great historic site surrounded by temples and tasty local dishes/赤崁樓-眾廟宇和美味小吃圍繞的偉大歷史古蹟

Perhaps you are here in Tainan for only a short amount of time and wanting to check out something that best represents this ancient city.

English4TW team could think of none other than Chinkan Tower.

Within 1 kilometer square of Chinkan Tower, there are 3 first-tier historic sites.
在赤崁樓一平方公里內,有3個一級古蹟。 72e6916e33061c4db94ebd3177c08622



Plenty of places to eat snacks and local dishes around the corner is just icing on the cake. Let's delve into the experience of Tainan history and goodness!
週邊很多地方可以吃到點心和地方料理, 更是好上加好。就來深入經驗台南的歷史和美好! a9c6fa659e71b561f017326753cc3104






Getting off Yongkang Interchange to head toward Tainan city, go to Zhongzheng North Road to continue on to Zhongzheng South Road, then continue on to Ximen Road. You'll arrive at Minzu Road. The Ximen traffic circle is here. To the left is Chinkan Tower's large surrounding area.

There are plenty of places to park, including the vicinity of Ximen traffic circle, along the Yong-fu Road situated ahead of Chinkan Tower main entrance, and the Chinkan Tower designated parking area. Expect to pay a premium if you choose to park in Chinkan Tower Parking Lot.

Why not park somewhere nearby and enjoy the walk while exploring the surroundings?

Like many first-tier historic sites in Tainan requiring you to purchase an entrance ticket, Chinkan Tower is no exception. We like to help you understand the historical significance of this place before you go in. The tower was built by the Dutch and initially named Provintia in Latin, meaning Provinces.
就像很多台南的一級古蹟要購買門票才能參觀,赤崁樓也不例外。進赤崁樓前,我們希望能幫你瞭解這個地方的歷史重要意義。赤崁樓為荷蘭人所興建,最先命名為普羅民遮城,拉丁文Provintia就是省城的意思。 2abeedd93a4f9cab89e205ae6e1ecfd1


Get up to the tower and view across west, which was once upon a time at sea level. The tower along with Fort Anping on the west side used to be the government center forming the ox horn-like commercial and military headquarters

When Koxinga Zheng Cheng-gong attacked the Dutch colonist in 1661, it took only 5 days to conquer this tower compared to the long 9 months to conquer Fort Anping. Inside Chinkan Tower, you can find the remains of the castle walls from the Dutch colonial era, the stone from the Qing Empire and the architecture from the Japanese colonial era.

A brief tour of Chinkan Tower almost encompasses traces of historical evolutions for the Taiwanese regime in the last four hundred years.

Coming out of Chinkan Tower, you can see many buildings on Minzu Road reminiscent of the city's past. There are numerous temples and historic sites worth visiting in the surrounding areas.
走出赤崁樓,你可以看到民族路上的許多建築,好像提醒你這城市的過去。赤崁樓附近還有很多的廟宇和重要的古蹟,都很值得去參觀。 f9cd62cbda6e567ce080942ea7dbac63



Sidian Wu Temple and Grand Matsu Temple


For instance, Sidian Wu Temple and Grand Matsu Temple were the very first temples constructed in Taiwan. From Chinkan Tower main entrance, go to Yong-fu Road.

From whichever direction you go toward Young-fu Road, there are direction signs along the way. Feel free to explore the area with the most abundant historic sites in Taiwan!
往永福路,不管哪個方向,沿路都有指標。輕鬆地去探索這個台灣一級古蹟最密集的區域! 0d63f878226914bfd1a0f931038de8d7




Fortune Telling Alley


Coming from Sidian Wu Temple main entrance, you will come by Fortune Telling Alley after making a right into the small alley toward Grand Matsu Temple.

There are full of primitive fortune-telling houses in this small alley. The fortune tellers here are also charmingly old fashioned compared to what you will find in Xiang-tian Temple Fortune Telling Alley on Min-quan East Road in Taipei.
整條小巷都是古樸台灣風格的「擇日館」。這裡的算命先生也是古早味十足,和台北民權東路行天宮地下道的算命街很不一樣。 8c061333cb30795e9260123705165718

What makes this alley unique is its retro and clean appearance. The ground is covered by tiles. It has a similar feel to the old alleys that you find in Rome, Italy. The nearby Min-quan Road used to be the main street, dubbed as First Street of Taiwan during the Dutch colonial era.
這條算命街特別的是,看起來古老又很乾淨。地面都舖上地磚。很像你會在義大利羅馬看到的古老巷弄。這附近有一條民權路,是荷蘭殖民時代的大街,有台灣第一街之稱。 fd3e4e9665faa5c2d76b824a1d50b904


We feel that the European architecture in Fortune Telling Alley might have been influenced by the Dutch and preserved ever since.
我們覺得算命街的歐式建築,或許受到當時荷蘭人影響,留傳至今。 a46cd511fb603ce7f310502c2c37e75f

Chinkan Tower local dishes


Yi Feng Wax Gourd Tea


Authentic local dishes can be found near Chinkan Tower. From the main entrance, go to Yong-fu Road ahead, and there is Yi Feng Wax Gourd Tea. The taste of cooked Wax Gourd is one of Tainan locals' favorites.
赤崁樓附近就可以找到道地的地方小吃。從赤崁樓正門,直走前方的永福路,有義豐冬瓜茶。冬瓜熬煮的滋味,也是台南當地人的最愛之一。 ebe3f1ebf3d8c0913a3bcb18cd860398


Dong Qiao Duck Chowder


Continue walking ahead, and there is Dong Qiao Duck Chowder. The Duck Chowder here tastes quite differently from the ones in Chai-yi. You get larger slices of duck meat. The soup itself is boiled before flavors are added; as a result, the soup is light in color.
再走過去有東巧鴨肉羹。這裡的鴨肉羹吃起來和嘉義的很不一樣。你吃到的鴨肉較厚。羹湯也是用水煮再加調味。因此台南的鴨肉羹顏色比較淺。 f0133854dc30225d33ecb204583e40e7


Wu-miao Bawan


There is Wu-miao Bawan next to Sidian Wu Temple. Bawan in Tainan is steamed and not fried, making it one of a kind in Taiwan. The Bawan here has pork meat fillings; if you go to the one near Confusian Temple, the Bawan has shrimp fillings instead.
武廟旁有家武廟肉圓。台南的肉圓是用蒸的而不是油炸,在台灣獨樹一格。武廟用豬肉當內餡,孔廟附近則是蝦仁肉圓,內餡有蝦仁。 271b7f925ebeeabd9f9b386234d059d6



Yamane Sushi


If you just visited Grand Matsu Temple, go to Minzu Road. There is Yamane Sushi to your right. The freshly made Sushi is very popular here. The restaurant is usually packed during lunch.
如看過大天后宮,來到民族路。你的右邊有家山根壽司。當地的現做壽司,生意很好。午餐時間騎樓下坐滿了人。 1fffcea603129600d203477f8954a86e

Cross the street, and there are the popular beef soup, milkfish soup and braised pork rice shops. These local dish shops are open for breakfast as well.
走到街頭對面,有台南知名的牛肉湯、虱目魚湯和魯肉飯。這些小吃餐廳從早餐時段就開始營業。 cebd40237d4e6e294024c1ae69f1c7cc

For the beef soup, raw beef is cooked in the hot broth. It's very similar to the way beef slices are cooked in Pho. The braised pork rice is unique as well. They use fish floss for added flavor.

If the beef soup and braised pork rice sound good to you, the fact they can be found everywhere around the streets and alleys may just be added convenience!

A Hui Stir-fried Eel


Continue going toward the traffic circle, and there is A Hui Stir-fried Eel. This Eel specialty shop is one of the gourmet delights in Tainan. In addition to various eel dishes, there are Stir-fried Calamari Noodle, Shrimp Roll and Milkfish Belly Soup.
再往圓環走,就是阿輝炒鱔魚。這家鱔魚特色餐廳是台南美食特色之一。除了各種鱔魚料理,他們有花枝炒麵,蝦捲和虱目魚肚湯。 78dfa2df11121038d598ef8f7ee26b91


We highly recommend that you try their Stir-fried Eel Noodle or Stir-fried Calamari Noodle. The noodles here have a bit more tenderness to them, making them extra tasty!
我們高度建議你試試鱔魚炒意麵和花枝炒麵。這裡的麵條吃起來更軟嫰些,特別美味可口! b29532c20e9d4b15ecf808119cb0f684

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