Describe a person's behavior/形容人的行為

Kleptomaniac, 是偷竊狂:
Josh is such a kleptomaniac. He can't resist stealing little things whenever he visits his friends.Josh真是個偷竊狂。每次去朋友家, 他無法抗拒偷小東西的誘惑。

Connoisseur, 是行家:

Mr. Wang is a wine connoisseur. He has tasted just about every good wine out there.

Psychopath, 是具危險性的精神病患:

Tony may be a psychopath. He hit an innocent pedestrian for no reason whatsoever.
Tony有可能是精神變態。 他無原無故揍一個無辜的行人。

Sociopath, 反社會者:

A person is a sociopath if he or she is completely unable or unwilling to behave in a way that is acceptable to the society.
一個人的舉止如果完全無法或不願意在社會能接受的範圍之內, 那他或她是個反社會者。

A sociopath is often manipulative, cold and narcissistic.

Workaholic, 是工作狂:

A workaholic thinks about work all the time.

Alcoholic, 是酒鬼:

If you often drink too much, you are an alcoholic.
如果你常喝太多酒, 你就是個酒鬼。

Aristocrat, 是貴族:

An aristocrat is someone who holds the highest social rank.

Fanatic Vs. Aficionado:

Fanatic, 狂熱者,與 Aficionado, 愛好者,意思雷同。
He is a watch fanatic. = He is a watch aficionado.

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