The great food and scenery on Highway 2/台2線的美食風景

Highway 2 is the northmost highway in Taiwan, reaching all the way to Su-au from Tamsui .

The cities and towns that you pass by can be divided into North Coast, Northeast Coast and Yi-lan areas. We mentioned Northeast Coast and Yi-lan areas in our previous articles.

We'll talk about the North Coast area here, especially the road segment leading to San-zhi from Won-li and Shihmen.

A portion of this road passes by downtown although most of it goes along the shore.

The sea scenery is gorgeous. There are also fantastic bays, such as Green Bay and White Sand Bay.

The land scenery is more alluring than you can imagine. For instance, there are trails and tea plantations in Shihmen.

Lao-mei Stone Trench


There is also Lao-mei Stone Trench, the one-of-a-kind coastal scenery in Taiwan.
還有老梅公園的綠石槽海岸景觀,全台獨一無二。 933e56c1b73275c6513ce59d3d0def36

There is also Temple of 18 Deities commemorating a dog that died jumping into its owner's grave as a result of its unwillingness to be separated from the owner killed in a shipwreck

The locals were moved by the dog and later built two temples to commemorate its loyalty to the owner.

Liu Chai Rice


Sticky Rice Dumplings is the most famous snack in Shihmen. There are numerous Sticky Rice Dumpling shops on the street, and the most popular one among them is Liu Chai Rice.
石門的小吃,以肉粽出名,大街上有好幾家肉粽,其中劉家肉粽名氣最大。 81a3c0091f6c6358a631ad4040d91d58

A short distance north of Liu Chai Rice is Shihmen Wedding Plaza.
離劉家肉粽很近的北方, 有一個「石門婚紗廣場」。 1790962c7bcdf0895beaa6eeb266f58e

The blue and white hues together with archways brim with Mediterranean style.
有地中海風格的藍白色調和拱門。 a25048800febb14895cb2c58a02d8521



Having the ocean and plaza as your background, you almost feel like shooting wedding photos in a different country
以大海和廣場為背景,好像到不同國家拍婚紗照。 dee614e8ccb7e71d4735dde2c0a3f4c5

Fu-gui Cape


You will see a crescent-like bay near Fu-gui Cape.
在富貴角附近,你會看到月牙般的海灣。 12790fd74c568520f01ad28f79310acc

White Sand Bay


Once you arrive at White Sand Bay, we suggest that you get off your car and check it out.
到了白沙灣,建議你下車走一走。 e85ef186744237cec9e01af16e224a03

It's very close to Tamsui here.
這裡距離淡水很近。 1925d75b356a861e8c8df65df231b2b9

The bay and headlands are more gently sloped.
海灣和海岬也比較平緩。 fcf3604d6e215593762129a384796d4a

There is the water sports activity area when you look east from a height. The beach is one kilometer long.
從高處往東邊看,是水上活動區,沙灘有一公里長。 25b720de07ea2bb65697d05bce738df0


You can swim within the warning line. Safety is paramount. Be sure to listen to the guidance given by lifeguards as there was an incident where a tourist was washed away to the open sea while being outside the perimeter.

Lin-shan-bee Recreation Area


There is Lin-shan-bee Recreation Area when you look west.
往西看則是麟山鼻遊憩區。 28a536bbdc131a4ced368c0d2e5386ae



There is a terrific bikeway "Feng Zhi Men Bikeway" with a length of 4.5 kilometers.

The bikeway follows almost entirely along the coast and allows you to admire beautiful sea scenery, ventifacts and beefwood forests.

The segment of the bikeway from San-zhi Qian-Shui Bay all the way to White Sand Bay is a great place for watching sunset and checking out stars in the sky.

There are many cafes and western cuisine restaurants on the coast. Feel free to stop by to drink some coffee and enjoy great food.

The majority of the fine restaurants in North Coast are seafood restaurants. You probably can hardly imagine steakhouses being the most famous.
北海岸的美食餐廳,以海產店數量最多,你大概很難想像,最出名的美食是牛排。 22e56e1473c209377d463ff5bcf6b696

Near the border between Shihmen and San-zhi are two steakhouses "The Long Horn 96 Bar & Grill" and "Frank's Texas BBQ."

The Longhorn 96


The Long Horn 96 is near the hills across from White Sand Bay.

Hidden behind bus station signs and roadside trees, it's very easy to miss.
隱身在公車站牌和路樹後面,一不小心就會錯過。 a69250864ef70235ac8190bb37261853


The current location of Long Horn 96 used to be the location of another steakhouse "Frank's Texas BBQ."

Frank's Texas BBQ


Frank's Texas BBQ later relocated to San-zhi. There are two other branch restaurants in Taiwan.
邊界驛站後來搬到三芝,全台還開了兩家分店。 ab6548efde2135c96b6387f98095fa85

The restaurant is easily recognizable as you can see the sign from afar.
從老遠就可以看到招牌,店面很好辨識。 ea2d9459bb1a666e016fcba43a3bc4f4

The interior is spacious.
店內空間也很大。 d56d0419ef1152e92521dc44bfd11029

We ordered some salad, two steaks and some onion soup.

Frank's Texas BBQ is an American and Mexican restaurant with a more rugged atmosphere. The onion soup is very different from French onion soup.
邊界驛站走美國和墨西哥風格,比較粗獷,洋葱湯和法式洋葱湯就不一樣。 32ce64ec73b4f5a9a793cac757f2b213


A generous amount of salad is put into a bowl made of corn tortillas. Breaking off a small piece to pick up some salad before dipping it in salad dressing makes it taste great.
沙拉份量不少,盛在玉米餅做的碗,掰一片下來盛生菜,沾著沙拉醬吃,很特別。 06cfbe2064cec5d4acd7234619ff9d70


The steaks come with two sauces.

The rib-eye steak that we ordered is tender and tasty.
我們點的肋眼牛排,肉質細嫰,口味不錯。 e8d2b20223cd80aa8db377d66c6c0cf5

The sirloin steak is hearty and chewy.
至於沙朗牛排分量很大,相當有嚼勁。 00c4b4519a6b90f68f9051f58011efda

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