Shenao Harbor, the marine abrasion landform that makes you weak at the knees/深澳港-讓人腳底發麻的海蝕地形

When heading to Jiu-fen and Jinguashi from Keelung, take the Northern Coastal Highway.

It allows you to travel through the downtown, industrial area and beautiful bay.
能讓您在市區、工業區和美麗海灣之間穿梭。 608fb14ddc5452528dddedd9ce037e83


There are sometimes seasonal views along the way, such as the edible seaweed "Agar-agar" being laid out to dry in the sun by residents.
路邊有時會看到當季才有的景象,例如,居民曝曬一種食用海藻「石花菜」。 b93b8f93400e1d3edfb5f83f85a2392e

There is also a secluded place only known to the locals on this segment of the road. It's Shen-au Harbor, which we are bringing you this time.

Shen-au Harbor


Shen-au, also known as Fanzi-au, is an important sea-going port in North Coast.
深澳也叫番仔澳,是北海岸重要的遠洋漁港。 9aa8776613b61ea3200358c7f5a9f2ca

Shark meat is the most popular dish near the harbor.
港邊最出名的是鯊魚料理。 a59b3535cebbc6e2f00ad13ead68d7d8

The hidden place is a marine abrasion landform by the harbor, a little smaller, but more thrilling than Yeh-liu.

Shen-au Headland


The most famous sea cave is referred to as "Elephant Trunk Rock" by some people.

You'll need to go through the harbor to get to Elephant Trunk Rock. There will probably be a direction sign by the small truck next to a breakwater, letting you know which way to go.
到象鼻岩要穿越港口,防波堤前可能會在小貨車前的指示圖,剛好可以指點你方向。 8c5d4ce5b4d468d222ac136a82c92f35 ==the sign says "walk forward."/標示寫著「往前走」。==

After walking through roadblocks, a gorgeous marine abrasion platform suddenly appears before your eyes.
越過路障,前方突然出現美麗的海蝕平台。 496f1c754e165f9ed05a3e07c3764068

The small island ahead of the abrasion platform is Keelung Islet.
海蝕平台前方的小島,就是基隆嶼。 53e056555d54065ddab6d16afe8c9cd6

Going through the marine abrasion platform and climbing over rocks, you'll see a thrilling cliff. Be sure to pay attention to safety.
越過海蝕平台,爬過岩山,就會看到驚險懸崖,千萬注意安全。 b19a7d592cf4309783b79a994a13b577



There are various marine abrasion landforms by the cliff. Large Mushroom Rocks resemble various creatures.
懸崖旁邊,有各種海蝕地形,大片的蕈狀岩很像各種造形的生物。 d3521351eb4b5623c6442b31168a41c4

Across from the cliff is a sea cave that's a dead ringer for an elephant
就在懸崖對面,有個好像一頭大象的海蝕洞。 9c64cd3d6849c52382a873fa8e4b629a

The Elephant Trunk appears upon approaching.
再靠近一點,大象的象鼻出現了。 222f06d75371d20bba50d019eb357081


We like to remind you again to pay special attention as you are standing above a cliff over 10 meters deep.

The diversity of the marine abrasion platforms here is no less impressive than Yeh-liu.
這裡海蝕平台的種類,不輸野柳。 16e25f805bb15037450a96d5b0bcb38a




The scenery here is just breathtaking. There are people who come here to take pictures during weekdays.
景色實在太漂亮了,非假日都有人專程來攝影。 753f3b0aa9aa58742fd0f5d5b49107cb


For instance, this mushroom rock looks like a turtle. There is Keelung Islet when you look into the distance.
例如,這塊蕈狀岩像烏龜,看過去就是基隆嶼。 6a253ed21894879dd3bd671c4ab637fb

This turtle-shaped rock looks like it's worshiping Keelung Islet. It's the prime spot for many people taking photos.
烏龜形狀的石頭,姿勢好像在朝拜基隆嶼,是很多人取景的重點。 2cb0127a6527c5d3801d94a856744fc7

As mentioned in our Jiu-fen article, the beautiful mountain and sea scenery that we saw when looking across the sea is Shen-au.
我們介紹九份的文章,提到往海面前方看的山海美景,就是現在介紹的地方深澳。 1ab881f01563fcbe048a26e345618224


When you look toward the mountains from Shen-au, the valley surrounded by mountains is Jiu-fen.
而你站在深澳這裡山的方向看,山中的谷地就是九份。 f7a562a477f4b7f0fa0515682f15079b

Lights sparkle and glisten at dusk, making Jiu-fen look like a goldmine in the valley.

Before leaving, don't forget to try a cup of Agar Jelly.
離開時,別忘了喝一杯石花凍。 a468d9ad114d6b761700ed1b717c55f8

It's made from the ingredient agar-agar that you just saw on your way here.

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