Hualien Coastal Bikeways Part Two: Stone Stairs Platform/花蓮海岸自行車道-石梯坪

The famous east coast bikeway grand tour crosses the border between Hualien and Taitung, from Shihmen, Hualien to Chang-pin, Taitung.
從花蓮石門到台東長濱,跨越花東縣市交界,是著名的東海岸自行車壯遊路線。 a7955b50d7c7ff45b2ecca511eaef8d1

The overall length is approximately 27 kilometers. 10 kilometers of it is in Hualien.



There is a tourist DM folder in East Coast Area Administration Hualien Tourist Center suggesting that you should commence this grand tour in Shihmen.



If you have time and stamina, you can commence in Jiqi. The journey from Jiqi to Shihmen is 22 kilometers long.

Heading south on Highway 11 from Jiqi, you will return to the seashore. Magnificent Pacific Ocean scenery can be admired along the way.
從磯崎往南,台11線又回到海濱。沿路又可以看到壯麗的太平洋風景。 4759077804478b6b7ead6b5d144ebf49


Dawan Tourist Center and Shihmen Tourist Center


You will pass by Dawan Tourist Center and Shihmen Tourist Center. Their enjoyable view of the deep blue ocean is worth stopping by.
會先經過大灣和石門遊憩區,你可以停下來,欣賞這樣湛藍的海洋。 e27cfc7c76c0a2cdd358d944566fa319



With 0.1% to 0.5% gradient, the path from Shihmen to Tropic of Cancer is quite flat. The bike ride should be fairly easy. There are also numerous attractions along the way.

For instance, there are Stone Stairs Harbor, Stone Stairs Platform, Moon Cave, Gangkou Village, Siou-gu-luan River mouth, Changhong Bridge, Jingpu Relics, Tropic of Cancer marker and more.

Stone Stairs Harbor


Stone Stairs Harbor is the birthplace of whale-watching activities in Taiwan. There is a large cement pillar sign, which you can't miss.

You'll have an over ninety percent chance of seeing whales and dolphins when putting out to sea from here. There are also fish markets and restaurants if you like some seafood.
從這裡出海看到鯨豚比例超過九成。想吃海產,這裡也有漁市場和餐廳。 aee731f5216eb4ae842038d30e198893


Furthering south a little, you'll arrive at Stone Stairs Platform Scenic Area.
往南一點,遇到石梯坪遊憩區。 9314f5eaa6f4ebfbfa06ecc1f4f84a32

With coral reefs and various marine abrasion platforms, this place is a natural geology classroom. The campground is well equipped. It's very romantic to take a walk under the moon and listen to waves crashing to the shore.

This is also a major location for aboriginal tribes who host Fishing Festival every mid June and Harvesting Festival every late July.

These are aboriginal festivals. Please don't treat the festivals like a show if you do get invited

Moon Cave


Moon Cave is a stalactite cave with a length of 176 meters and height of 25 meters.
月洞是海岸邊的鐘乳石洞,長176公尺,高25公尺。 5a0c0ba551e089e96ce9f24ab78a4d41


Water inside the cave accumulated into a small 5-meter-long pond . It's a sacred aboriginal site.

Gangkou Tribe


Gangkou Tribe is an important archaeological site. The Dutch landed in eastern Taiwan during the 17th century, and many legends and stories ensued.
港口部落是台灣重要考古遺址,17世紀荷蘭人登陸東台灣,有很多傳奇故事。 b6e6dd3124583a553fad8a5c21f9d088

Changhong Bridge


There are two Changhong bridges, one old and one new, connecting Gangkou Tribe and Jingpu Tribe and crossing Siouguluan River. The new bridge is bright orange in color. You can see the river mouth and Sibulan Volcanic Island.
長虹橋有新舊兩座,連接港口和靜浦兩個部落,橫跨秀姑巒溪。新橋是鮮艷的橘色。可以看到出海口和奚卜蘭火山島。 9e06ad92b6e9de48312893324171507f

Siouguluan River is almost becoming an alternative name for rafting activities in Taiwan.

It is also the terminal station for rafting. Standing on Changhong Bridge, you can see rubber boats lifted by cranes from the river to the lower reaches.
這裡也是泛舟的終點站,站在長虹橋上,可以看到吊車從溪裡吊起來到下游的橡皮艇。 99ddb8536f0d80cfea511aff959a6954



Jing-pu Tribe


After passing through Changhong Bridge, you'll arrive at Jingpu Tribe. This tribe discovered the cultural relics of pottery from previous aboriginal people. You can find more detailed information in Taitung National Museum of Prehistory.

There are three Tropic of Cancer landmarks in Taiwan. There are one in Chiayi, and two in Hualien of which the east coast is one.
台灣有3座北回歸線地標,1座在嘉義,兩座在花蓮,東海岸是其中之一。 a7cb6188d9df2dc55194a3b4ee6a07bd


Tropic of Cancer divides the torrid zone and subtropical zone. You get to experience the shadowless phenomenon under the sun when standing by the tower at noon on the summer solstice.

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