Jingming Commercial Dist& Chun Shui Tang/精誠商圈&春水堂

Going on Taiwan Blvd toward the inner city, make a right turn onto Jingcheng Road to arrive in Jingcheng Commercial District.

This commercial district is pretty much surrounded by Jingcheng Road, Gong-yi Road and Dong-xing Road.

It's also referred to as Jingming Commercial District due to Jingming 1st Street being right at the center.
它也被稱為精明商圈,因為精明一街就在中心點。 23621824272cfd2afe5e79ee857ab01c


This place was the pride of many Taichung locals prior to the rise of other business districts. The shopping streets you see right here were the very first in Taiwan to be full of international vibes.

The entire district was transformed by the local community, thus becoming a classic example of business district transformations.

The strong cultural diversity here could be explained by the presence of US military in Taichung Airport and the establishment of US military dependents' village in Taichung City during the Vietnam war.

After the departure of US military, local residents utilized the beautiful architecture constructed during that time and renovated them to become restaurants.
美軍離開台灣,當地屋主應用當時蓋的漂亮建築改造成餐廳。 27dde86bb486e469950dd4b5a8afb367

You can still find restaurants with the same architectural style today. The district has become more diversified in the past 10 years. Various Eastern, European and Southeast Asian restaurants and boutiques abound.
你現在還是可以找到一樣的建築風格。到了最近十年,這區域的發展變得更多元。 各種東方、歐洲和東南亞風格的餐廳和服飾精品店到處都有。

Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House


Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House inside Jingming Commercial District is one worth our mentioning. The founding store of this little chain shop invented Pearl Milk Tea.

Prior to remodeling of the original store in Sih-wei Road, this chain store is the most frequented by the tourists.
在四維路創始店重新改裝前,這是遊客最常來的店。 f1f71d664a65865cd254ef29345fb2b1



We ordered their signature hot Pearl Milk Tea, Soybean Curd and Black Pudding Cake. The milk tea tastes rich, and the tapioca pearls taste tender and chewy.



Their name as the inventor of Pearl Milk Tea is well deserved. Their open-air cafe is full of energy and packed with tourists during weekends and holidays.

Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House chain store in Jinming Commercial District is located on No.9 Da-dun 19th Street.

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